Wilkinson launches own label toy line

Retailer has unveiled a range of toys called Wilko Play, with prices starting from 70p.
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140 new product hit all of Wilkinson's 337 stores across the nation, with toys aimed at children from birth up to eight years plus.

The Wilko Play range covers educational and role-play items; girls and boys; affordable pocket money items; and games for the family.

The Wilko Play Pre-School range features musical play items including a Toy Trumpet (£7.99), a Music Beats Drum (£9.99) and a Wooden Xylophone (£3.99).

The Pre-School range also includes products designed to fine-tune a child's motor skills and co-ordination. The Shape Stacks and Blocks (£5) and Baby Animal Stacking Rings £4.99 are featured.

The Creative Play section of Wilko Play offers a Washing Machine (£12.99) and an Iron (£4.99), Shopping Trolley (£10.98), Shopping Basket with Play Food (£3.99), and a Kettle (£4.99).

Boys Toys in the range include a Remote Control Tarantula (£14.99), 12-piece Insect Collection (£3.99), and much more, from Emergency Vehicles at £2.97 to a range of Playmat Worlds (£4.99).

Wilko Play Girls products offered are the Glitz Bead Set (£4.97), Dress Me Dolly (£6.97) and the Glam Make Up Set (£4.99).

Wilko Play has also included a range of games including the Bonanza Bingo Set (£4.99), the Maze Daze Game (£7.99) and Bubble Trouble Hippo Game (£9.99).

The packaging in the range is also colour coded - blue for boys, pink for girls, orange for pre-schoolers, green for games and red for crafts.

For more information on Wilkinson visit www.wilko.com


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