Wham-O takes Frisbees onto consoles

Frisbee firm Wham-O is entering the video games market.
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The company has reached an agreement with FOG Studios to bring its toys - including the Frisbee, Slip ‘N Slide, Hula Hoop and Hacky Sack - to consoles. New motion controlled technology will allow the firm to incorporate the movement and interaction inherent within its outdoor toys.

“I have been impressed with FOG's work, especially their strategic approach to getting a classic tabletop game into a multi-platform deal with a leading interactive publisher,” said Chris Guirlinger, Wham-O’s director of licensing.

“With Wham-O's leading, iconic brands and the joy and excitement they elicit from their game play—which nearly everyone in the United States and many people internationally have direct personal experience with, I look forward to FOG’s expertise in extending that experience into the world of console, PC, and mobile games.”

“Wham-O’s products have always been active products, creating opportunities for users to engage in physical activity and have fun at the same time,” said FOG’s CEO, Ed Dille.

“Although there have been some Wham-O branded interactive products previously, the control interfaces for these titles were incapable of replicating the physical experience users enjoyed from the original toys. Now, with accelerometer-type controllers like the one used on the Nintendo Wii and soon on all systems, even PCs, users can make the same throwing motion they would with a Frisbee in real life and see an appropriate reaction of the toy onscreen.

“Concurrently, Dance Pads can be used to recreate unique foot toss games like Hacky Sack, and Nintendo even recently used a Hula Hoop application to demonstrate one of their upcoming Balance Board peripherals. The technology and timing are perfect to create some great games with lasting appeal. Now, when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can bring classic Wham-O fun indoors.”



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