Warner Bros details Godzilla toy ranges

Bandai, Jakks Pacific and Rubie's each have ranges based on the upcoming blockbuster.
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Warner Bros has detailed the toy offering for upcoming blockbuster, Godzilla.

Bandai has a wide range of figures inspired by the film, including Tail Strike Godzilla and Smash Strike Godzilla Fighting Figures.

Also from Bandai is a two pack of chibi-style collectible figures, a Pack of Destruction boasting figures, destructable buildings and military aircrafts and an Atomic Roar action figure complete with 'atomic breath' action.

Jakks Pacific has a Massive Godzilla Figure that is over 43 inches in length while NECA has a collectible range of figures and accessories based on the film.

Rubie's will be giving fans this chance to dress as Godzilla with Halloween with costumes, masks and a hoodie that zipsall the way up at the front to transform wearers into the iconic monster.

As well as the toy range, a Kinetix t-shirt will be available exclusively at Kitson stores in the US.


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