Vivid team goes ape

Volunteers from Vivid Imaginations take part in the Great Gorilla Run in Hyde Park.
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The run takes place on Saturday 22nd September with the aim of raising funds for The Gorilla Organisation which supports conservation efforts in Central and East Africa . Dressed in head to toe Gorilla outfits, Sam Dashfield and Nick Austin (pictured) will be joined by Nigel Holmes, Nick Thomas, Nat Southworth and Alan Bennie on the 7km run. More than 1,000 gorillas are expected to participate, with the goal of raising £400,000.

“It started out as a joke and has now become a living nightmare!”, commented Vivid CEO Nick Austin. “It is a terrific cause and will be great fun but none of us realised how hot these gorilla suits would be for running. Most of us can hardly walk in them.”

Vivid will donate over £100,000 this year to various children’s charities including Great Ormond Street , C.H.A.S.E hospice and the Toy Trust . The company recently received a Highly Commended Award in the inaugural Norman Walker Cause Related Marketing Awards and engages well over 50 per cent of its UK team members in charitable fundraising events.



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