Vivid announces Moshling Zoo toy

January release date set for the next Moshling play-set.
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Like the Moshling Treehouse, the Moshling Zoo will provide a display for the collectable Moshi Monsters Moshlings.

Moshling Zoo is also the theme of the current number-one selling Moshi Monsters Nintendo DS game.

Vivid anticipates the forthcoming Moshling Zoo to replicate the success of the Treehouse, which is expected to sell out all 205,000 of its available units this Christmas.

In October, Vivid announced it is selling the collectable Moshlings at a rate of almost 5,000 per day, projecting sales to reach 20 million of before Christmas. With that many Moshlings out in the wild, it's no wonder demand for homes for the collectable creatures is high.

Neil Bandtock, Vivid UK managing Director, said: "We know that between three to five per cent of all toy sales in the UK and Ireland are being generated by Moshi Monsters at present and with the introduction of the Moshling Zoo toy in January - and Series 2 still only a few weeks old - there is every possibility that the brand will increase market share even further early next year when the focus on pocket money toys is even more relevant at retail."

He added: "Inevitably there will be shortages of Moshi toys in December as stocks run out, but we feel we have responded well to the unprecedented demand surge and we have augmented supply by air-freighting everything that could possibly arrive in time for the Christmas rush."

Moshlings Series 3 is scheduled to be released in Easter.


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