US: TIA backs bill

Association applauds consumer product safety legislation passed by Bush.
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The TIA is developing a comprehensive Toy Safety Certification Program in conjunction with the American National Standards Institute to help toy companies meet the requirements.

The new bill establishes strict new safety standards and testing requirements, as well as measures to strengthen product safety enforcement.

The legislation will also substantially strengthen consumer product safety oversight by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Manufacturers and major retailers are already moving to conform to these standards, which require certification of compliance based on mandatory testing.

TIA President Carter Keithley said: “With the health and safety of children our primary concern, the toy industry supports the creation of a uniform national standard for product safety and testing, upon which consumers across the nation can rely.”

Mr. Keithley continued: “So many toy companies are already doing the right thing in terms of additional testing to ensure the safety of their products. This legislation helps to ensure that all companies conform to the same high standards for any toy sold in this country.”



US: Toy bill passed

President Bush has signed into law a legislation to dramatically cut lead in toys and improve US consumer product safety.

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