US: NPD figures show sales dip

US toy sales fell three per cent during the 12 months ending August 2009 compared to the year before.
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The figures from NPD also show that sales were down two per cent year-to-date for the first eight months.

Some categories did see sales rises. Building Sets were up 21 per cent, Action Figures and Accessories seven per cent and Arts and Crafts four per cent.

However, Vehicles fell 13 per cent), Plush nine per cent), Outdoor and Sports Toys nine per cent), Infant/Preschool six per cent) and Dolls five per cent.

Year-to-date through August 2009, a period in which sales slipped two per cent to $10.28 billion, the results were similar for most toy supercategories to those for the 12-month tally, with a few exceptions.

Building Sets (21 per cent), Action Figures (14 per cent) and Accessories and Arts & Crafts (seven per cent) were the largest gainers when tracked year-to-date.


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