US: Mothers launch action figures designed to empower girls

Mother deem their IAmElemental line as “more heroine, less hooters.”
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Two mothers and toy inventors are on a mission to launch a new series of action figures designed to empower girls.

Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin have produced the line of female action figures called IAmElemental, which are scheduled to hit retail this year.

The IAmElemental figures feature ‘character driven powers, including bravery, honesty, persistence and industry.’

The pair state that the characters’ super powers are designed to inspire girls to think about their inner strengths.

The first series of seven figures is inspired by Joan of Arc, who kids can learn about through the action figure’s backstory and its theme of courage.

The pair have grand designs for the collection, telling DNA Info that more figures and themes will roll out over time, along with a save the world story line told through graphic novels and comic books.

The mothers, said to have been ‘shocked by the large breasts and tiny waists on typical female action figures,’ champion their own line as “more heroine, less hooters.”

Nadeau and Kerwin, said: “If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”

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