US firms in new Chinese recall

Around 300,000 toys recalled after paint with dangerous levels of lead found.
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Two US companies have recalled Chinese-made toys, saying they include paint with dangerous levels of lead, according to a report on BBC News Online this morning.

The items include SpongeBob Squarepants spiral address books and diaries, Thomas the Tank Engine spinning tops and some toy buckets which are sold in the US. Ohio toy firm Martin Designs and Schyllings Associates of Massachusetts issued the recall through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The BBC report says that about 250,000 of the books were sold between June 2006 and July 2007, while the spinning tops and buckets were in shops between 2001 and 2002. Parents are being advised to take the items away from children.



US recalls more

The US consumer safety agency has recalled more than 635,000 Chinese-made toys, key chains and other products.


Disney recall in US

Thousands of sleeping bags and magic wands contaminated by excessive levels of lead paint are being recalled by Disney.

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