US: 3,700 pre-school magnetic toys recalled due to safety risks

Faults with the early years toys pose risks of choking and lead poisoning.
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Around 3,700 faulty magnetic cupcake toys have been recalled across the US due to risks of choking and lead poisoning among young children.

The Excellerations Magnetic Colour Sorting Board is a toddler and pre-school level toy that encourages children to sort items by colour.

However, a fault with its magnetic wand allowing the magnet to become detached along with the plywood cracking to release small metal balls, means that the toy is now deemed unsafe by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Not only do the size of the metal balls present a choking hazard and possible internal injury due to ingestion, there is a potential for lead poisoning due to the surface paint of the balls containing higher than acceptable levels of lead.

While no injuries have been reported, the game’s retailer – Discount School Supply – has been informed of the fault and has adopted a voluntary recall to avoid injury.

Customers are being offered a full refund of $36 for the product.


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