University launches London taxi campaign

University Games has launched a London taxi livery promotion for its Smart Ass game.
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The taxis will feature the Smart Ass branding for six months through to the end of February. The taxis are strategically based around the Oxford Circus area as well as at the St.Pancras/King’s Cross taxi rank.

"The taxis are a great way to create intrigue about the game. The bright yellow colour and the lovable donkey character used in the graphics, are a perfect fit for this type of campaign", said Adrian Whyles, general manager of University Games.

Further graphics inside the cab, Smart Ass branded receipts and the chance of the driver handing you a sample pack of question cards are all added features of this campaign.

The Smart Ass taxis will also be supported by a national radio promotional campaign in the lead up to Christmas.

Smart Ass is the best-selling game from Australia where every player gets a chance on every turn and you don’t need to be a trivia buff to win.

Players are read 10 clues about a mystery who, what or where and as soon as they think they know the answer they just shout it out.


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