UK speedcuber wins world championship 2009

Scottish student defeats competitors from 32 countries to win the Rubik's World Speedcubing Championship.
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The championship took place in Dusseldorf, Germany last weekend and 17 year-old Breandan Vallance (pictured centre) recorded an average solving time of 10.74 seconds to win.

Vallance, from Beith, Ayrshire, took home winnings of 5,000 Euros and a trophy. Total prize money for the Championship was 20,000 Euros.

In second and third place respectively were Erik Akkersdijk from the Netherlands (11.52 seconds - pictured right) and Tomasz Zolnowski from Poland (11.64 seconds - pictured left).The fastest ‘single solve’ recorded at the championship was by Piti Pichedpan (Thailand) with a time of 8.84 seconds.

This was the largest gathering of the ‘grandmasters’ of Rubik’s Speedcubing ever. As well as demonstrating the conventional method with their hands, contestants also entered events to solve The Cube one-handed, with their feet, and blindfolded. Winner of the latter event was Guillain Potron from France, in 1:05 minutes.

Contestants were also able to enter the first ever world-class competition featuring the new, spherical Rubik’s 360 puzzle. Martin Sylvestri from Switzerland completed it in 38.66 seconds.

“I knew I was good, but it’s great to know how good,” says Vallance.


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