UK Licensing valued at £2.4 million

Figures from NPD's licensing tracker value the total UK market at £2.4 billion.
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The licensing market in the UK was worth a staggering £2.4 billion in the 12 months to June 2007, according to the latest figures released by NPD at Brand Licensing Europe.

The figure, which is based on a market aimed at kids between 0 and 14, equates to an annual spend of £214 per child on licensed products or £4.11 per week.

Of the total spend on girls, 19 per cent is in the form of licensed products while for boys it is 23 per cent.

TV based licensed products are heavily influential, making up 61 per cent of licensed products bought for girls and 53 per cent for boys.

Alternatively, film based licensing spend on boys is 24 per cent while for girls it is only five per cent.

Woolworths is still the largest licensing retailer in the UK, selling more than a fifth of the total market. Its licensing sales also went up by five per cent this year.

Overall, licensing spend on toys has grown 13 per cent in the last year. Spending on the core market, which is boys between three and seven, is up by six per cent on last year while film licensing has grown by 11 per cent.

Four year-olds, the market's peak age, received 12 per cent of all money spent on licensing while children between the ages of three to seven received half of all the spend. On average, each four year-old receives 84 licensed products every year.



UK trade sees five per cent growth

End of year figures from NPD show that the UK market experienced healthy growth of five per cent during 2006 although, despite strong product, Christmas sales failed to increase on last year.

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