UK Games Expo unveils awards shortlist

Nominations have now been announced for the annual awards at the expo.
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Coiledspring Games has been nominated in four categories for the awards, which will be announced on May 5th at the expo - abstract game, card game, party game and family.

Roger Martin, MD, Coiledspring Games, commented: "We are delighted to be nominated. We aim to offer UK retailers the best games from around the world. Our four nominations reflect these efforts and the quality of our games.

"Our last year’s winner Forbidden Island sold through in every shop that stocked it. Consumers bought it with confidence knowing they were getting a game that had won an award for its excellence."

Other notable nominees include relative newcomer to the industry, Pants on Fire Games, which have two products nominated across two different categories.

Cubicle 7 stormed the role-playing game category with seven out of the eight nominations.

The winners are determined by a combined system of a public vote at the show and the opinion of a panel of judges.

The full list of nominees can be seen below:

Awards Category: Board Game

Star Trek Expeditions - Wizkid Games
Guards Guards Back - Spindle Games
Paperclip Railway - Surprised Stare Games
Zombie Close - Brain Candy
Ankh Morpork - Treefrog

Awards Category: Abstract Game

Laser Khet 2.0 - Innovention Toys 

Cubulus - Coiledspring Games

Triovision - Coiledspring Games

Complutum - Nora

Totemo - Surprised Stare Games 

Perigon - Clarendon Games 

Turanga - River Horse Games 

Quaddraughts - ATB

Awards Category: Miniatures

Wars of Tonan - Tablewarfare 

Paradox Wars - Tablewarfare 

Noble Armada - Mongoose Publishing

Wilderness Encounters - Otherworld Miniatures

Awards Category: Card Game

Convoluted Angels - Inferno Games
Ligretto - Schmidt/Coiledspring Games
Gran Forseti - Nora
Conflicting Kingdoms - Conflicting Kingdoms

Thunderstone - Alderac Entertainment
Braggart Spiral - Galaxy Games

Nightfall Alderac - Entertainment

Awards Category: Party Game

Take it or Leave it - Schmidt/Coiledspring Games 


The Know it Game - Pants on Fire

Awards Category: Family

Socceristic- ATB
Flipout - Coiledspring Games

Go With The Flow - Arctic Fox 

Kingbrick - kingbrick 

Cheese Factory - Cubiko

Treasure Chest -Treasure Trails

Victorian Gamer - Pants on Fire

Awards Category: Role-playing Game

All For One RPG - Triple Ace Games

Legends of Anglerre - Cubicle 7

ICONS - Cubicle 7
Interface Zero - Cubicle 7
The Laundry - Cubicle 7
Kids and Critters - Cubicle 7

Aliens and Creatures - Cubicle 7

Clockwork and Chivalry - Cubicle 7


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