Twoey Toys launches outdoor range

New line designed to help teachers bring their classes outside
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Twoey Toys & Active Designs, a family run business based in Cumbria, has launched a new outdoor range designed to help teachers bring their classes outside.

Twoey Toys’ production process has been designed to ensure component parts for each item can be replaced and renewed without having to throw items away. 

“Part of our social responsibility philosophy includes caring for the environment,” said Johanne Miller, managing director at Twoey Toys. 

“We don’t believe in the disposable culture that has permeated through our lives, we prefer to build products that last.”

The range uses Medite Tricoya, the extremely durable MDF, for its 'superior stability and durability'.

Peter Clifton, Medite Tricoya product manager for Coillte Panel Products added: “We are breaking new ground for MDF and wood based panels.

"Medite Tricoya benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology. This naturally alters the wood’s chemical structure so that water absorption does not affect it. This process results in a more dimensionally stable MDF, meaning it won’t swell, shrink or decay even in moist and outdoor conditions – rendering it extremely durable.

"It’s astonishing to see the variety of applications Medite Tricoya is being applied to and really goes to show that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity with wood panel products.” 


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