Twilight Zone action figures on the way

Black and white figures will focus on some of the most iconic characters from the cult television series.
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Toy company, Bif Bang Pow has revealed a first look at its line of The Twilight Zone retro action figures.

The collection will focus on some of the most iconic characters from the cult television series, first broadcast in 1959.

And yes, that includes William Shatner’s nervous airline passenger Bob Wilson and his Gremlin adversary from Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.

Also featured in the line up are: The alien Kanamit from To Serve Man, the Invader from The Invaders and the creepy Talky Tina doll from the episode Living Doll.

True to their television series heritage, the three and three quarter inch dolls will be produced in black and white and will be ready to hit retailer in autumn this year.

"We're excited for our Twilight Zone action figures to be the first Bif Bang Pow! property to 'enter another dimension' in 3-3/4-inch scale," said Jason Labowitz, President of Bif Bang Pow!.

 "It's been great to work with a notable company like ZICA Toys to create these action figures for avid fans and collectors of the celebrated TV series."

Check out the range of figures designed to send a shiver down the spine, below:

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