Turbospoke launches Christmas TV campaign

The campaign will run across Sky One, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.
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Turbospoke, the bicycle exhaust system, has launched its Christmas TV campaign in support of Smyths Toys and Halfords.

The campaign, set to run across a two week period at the beginning of December, debuts in Ireland across Sky One, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central at key viewing slots for Turbospoke's target market.

"Christmas is easily our busiest time of year for sales pointing to Turbospokes evergreen status," said Tom Maxwell of Turbospoke.

"The price point, uniqueness and core appeal make Turbospoke an easy choice for kids who just love motor related things. We're excited to see Turbospoke debuting on TV in support of our two largest retailers."

The TV campaign on Sky is also supported by a competition on Ireland's national broadcaster RTE's Elevate TV show, running for one week.

The Christmas campaign is rounded out with Facebook and Twitter competitions with both retailers for Limited Edition Carbon Fibre Turbospokes and in-store Turbospoke merchandising.

Watch the ad below:


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