Treasure Island Toys opens Facebook shop

New software allows retailers sell their wares on the social network.
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Facebook can be a great way to direct customers to your toys, but now product can be sold from within the site itself.

Treasure Island Toys' new Facebook store utilises a plugin called Payvement.

With around 400 new shops opening every day, Payvement is the most widely used e-commerce software of its kind. Currently in 'Public Beta' phase, it's completely free to use.

Kavan Webb, sales director for Treasure Island Toys, said: "The system is entirely free, with order payments being handled by PayPal. All we had to do was complete an Excel spreadsheet detailing the products that we wish to upload and the application does pretty much everything else."

The system is equipped with a range of tools including a full order control system, email order notification and a facility to set special discounts for 'Fans' of your Facebook page.

"Payvment is great for retailers of all sizes to take advantage of Facebook in a way that nobody had seen coming," said Webb.

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He added: "Facebook is the undisputed king of social networking and a very important part of every business, but not a lot of people know that Facebook is now the most used website in the World, even moreso than Google, which is quite astonishing."

Webb worked in IT and design before venturing into toys with the website's co-founder Nigel Taylor in 2008. You can visit the regular shop at


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