Traditional toys more popular than tech this Christmas, says Twenga

Toy categories receiving the most online traffic this year are 'make-believe' toys instead of the electronic toys.
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Traditional toys are more sought after than tech toys this Christmas, according to recent shopping data from UK retail search engine, Twenga.

Twenga reports that online data shows that toy categories receiving the most online traffic this year are 'make-believe' toys instead of the electronic toys.

With three years' worth of shopping data, Twenga's consumer study analysed traffic to the top toy categories from November 2011, 2012 and 2013.

2011 saw soft toys as one of the top trends, while 2012 saw traditional games such as Dominoes and Scrabble top the online traffic stakes.

This year, the onus is on toys that require 'make-believe' role play such as Doll's Prams, Play Kitchens and Dressing Tables.

Furthermore, results show that Kid's Play Kitchen received 68 per cent more traffic than popular games consoles such as the Xbox 360.

Twenga' marketing director, Herbert Knibiehly, said: "It can be easy to think that technology is taking over traditional toys, but I was quite pleased to see that the figures show the contrary.

"The fact that a video game console is less popular than a play kitchen is quite surprising." 


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