TOYMASTER 2014: Marbel to showcase 'next playground craze' OiDroids

The likes of Brio, Nanoblock, Hape, Pink Poppy and OiDroids will be on display.
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Marbel will be showcasing its latest brands at the Toymaster show, with the likes of Brio, Nanoblock, Hape, Pink Poppy and OiDroids on display.

Pocket money priced point OiDroids are new to the market and Marbel believes the little robots are set to be 'the new big playground craze'.

Also on display and new for autumn/winter in the Bully land Disney range is a special Princess gift pack and this line is set to launch in July.

Launching for Christmas are the new festive lines from Nanoblock including a Santa Claus and Reindeer, a Santa Claus and Christmas tree and a Christmas tree and Snowman.

Also, set to launch in September and new to the Nanoblock Deluxe range, is a large Titanic Ship with over 1,400 micro sized blocks. 

Marbel states 'there will be special show offer bundles available to Toymaster members for orders placed during the show'.

Marbel Toys will be located in the St George Hotel, Harrogate for the duration of the show.



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