TOY FAIR: Esdevium to attempt yo-yo world record

Australian national yo-yo champion to try to put the most yo-yos into action at the same time.
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On Tuesday, January 26th, on the Esdevium Games stand at Toy Fair, Ben McPhee will attempt to break the current record for nine yo-yos in action by one person at the same time.

McPhee is visiting the UK specifically to make the record attempt as part of activities to launch the YoYoFactory range in the UK, with Esdevium as official distributor. He will be using a range of products from the firm's portfolio during the attempt.

McPhee, who is also product and brand manager for Yoyo Factory commented: “2010 looks like it’s going to be the year of the yo-yo here in the UK, so it seemed like a good idea to start the year off with a real yo-yo challenge.”

Current World Yo-Yo Champion Kentaro Kimura, along with Vashek Kroutil (contender for European Champion the following weekend) and Craig Squires (1998 UK National Champion) will also be present to cheer Ben on during his attempt.

The attempt is sponsored by YoYoFactory and Esdevium Games, the exclusive UK distributor for YoYo Factory.

The current world record for this feat was set on November 4th 2006, by Eric Lindeen of Sweden, with nine yo-yos.


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