TOY FAIR DAILY: Crazee's Bamping attempts world record

Firm's MD attempts to break record with its new app based on hero product, the Crazee Cube.
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The new electronic version of the firm's hero product will be officially launched on Tuesday January 26th at 1pm on the Crazee Thingz stand – G46 - at London Toy Fair, Olympia.

Danny Bamping, managing director of Crazee Thingz, will be demonstrating the app and will also attempt to beat the World Record time to solve the puzzle, which currently stands at 30 seconds.

The Crazee Cube mobile Application is a 100% faithful reproduction of the Crazee Cube formally known as the Bedlam Cube.

Elite Systems, the UK-based developer and electronic publisher of games for portable, mobile and other devices has created the app based on the Crazee Cube.

The new game features a 3D viewpoint which can be adjusted to any angle and a unique control method for manipulating and placing the puzzle pieces.

The new app features multiple puzzle skins and backgrounds to choose from and an online World Record leader board for the fastest submitted times

Commenting on the tie in with Crazee Thingz, MD of Elite, Steve Wilcox said: “This has been a first for Elite in terms of our usual scope of product but we’re delighted to be able to offer such a polished puzzler to end users, I hope they find it as addictive as I do.”

Danny Bamping, added: “We are delighted to launch this Crazee Cube app in conjunction with our exclusive partnership with Elite.

"It’s a fantastic app and they have done a brilliant job in bringing the product into the Electronic World. This is the first of several apps we have in development with Elite and we are looking to launch more later this year.”

“It’s exciting to think that anyone who buys it can become a World record holder, currently the record stands at 30 seconds… I’m sure that time will come down over the next few weeks as more people buy the app and learn how to solve one of the hardest 3D puzzles in the world."



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