Topps goes on football tour

Topps is planning an Easter promo tour for its leading sports trading cards.
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The firm is predicting a sharp rise in sales of Match Attax, Match Attax Extra, Topps Total Football and Slam Attax over the Easter holidays.

The company will be travelling to 11 cities across the UK to hold regional heats for the Match Attax World Championships, along with a Topps Total Football sticker swap shop and a dedicated Slam Attax area.

Match Attax fans are being invited to put their best teams together and compete, free of charge, at the Easter events. Regional winners will then go through to the grand final which will be held at Fulham FC's last game of the season on May 24th.

In addition to the championship heats, the events will feature the traditional ‘Swap Shop’ for Topps Total Football stickers, along with a range of other fun football related activities and a ‘Slam Attax’ zone for fans of the WWE trading card game.

Susanne Graham, PR Manager at Topps, said: "These events have been incredibly well attended in the past, with around 1,500 children coming to each one - far more in some cases. This is the first year we’ve run the Match Attax World Championships and as a result, we expect attendance levels to be significantly higher."

"Its very likely that sales of all the Premier League collections, as well as Slam Attax, will get a major boost during the holidays as interest in the products is re-ignited and children search for the best players to compete with or swap."

For more details on the events and to see where they are being held, visit


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