Topps bolsters Match Attax marketing

Firm announces the winner of the first Match Attax world championships at Fulham FC.
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The final of the competition took place on Sunday at half time of Fulham’s tie against Everton, on the pitch at Fulham FC’s stadium, Craven Cottage in front of over 25,000 spectators.

Topps invested significantly in the championships, which commenced with qualifying heats in eleven locations across the UK as well as in South Africa, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, and concluded in Sunday’s final.

The event generated significant exposure for the Match Attax brand. An open top bus to transport the children to Craven Cottage was decorated with Match Attax branding and drove through central and west London.

In addition, digital display and programme advertising was in place at the event and the occasion has received significant coverage in local and national press and media.

Susanne Graham from Topps, said: “The Match Attax World Championship demonstrates how hugely successful the trading card game has become.

“Thousands of children from across the UK, and indeed the world, have been competing in the competition and we have invested a considerable amount to make this a really high profile promotional event.”

The new World Champion is 11 year-old Gary Wilson from Strathaven in Scotland.

Each of the seventeen finalists were treated to an all expenses paid weekend in London, including a trip on the London Eye and tour of London on the Match Attax open top bus, as well as the trip to Fulham.


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