Tomy launches Eternity II

Tomy finally launches its much-hyped Eternity II puzzle this weekend.
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Inventor Christopher Monckton (pictured) unveiled the new puzzle at a launch today at Hamleys and it will go on sale tomorrow (Saturday July 28th).

The puzzle consists of 256 square pieces that are bordered by coloured patterns which must be correctly aligned to find a solution. The first person to correctly solve the puzzle will win the $2m prize.

Monckton commented: “Anyone of any age or academic ability could solve Eternity II – it could be a five year old or a 90 year-old grandmother.”

Eternity II will be available as a range of products including the main puzzle with a guide retail price of £34.99 (256 pieces) and two further ‘Clue’ puzzles with guide retail prices of £19.99 (72 pieces) and £9.99 (36 pieces). Solving the Clue puzzles will reveal locations of key pieces in the main puzzle to help people take one step closer to winning the $2million prize.

Monckton added: “The buzz has already started amongst the thousands of people that tried their hand at Eternity I and are raring to go at Eternity II. I think we will see a lot of people using the internet to collaborate together to try and share the $2 million.”

Robert Mann, Tomy Europe CEO, said: “This is one of the most eagerly anticipated launches of the year and we are confident that sales will outperform the original Eternity which was one of the fastest selling and most successful puzzles of all time.”


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