Tomy hopes for Pirate purple patch

Tomy piggybacks Pirates of the Caribbean DVD release with new Pop-up Pirate campaign.
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The manufacturer is hoping for a spike in sales of the game as consumers await the release of the final POTC DVD, which is expected in stores on November 19th.

Pop Up Pirate party packs will be circulated within national women’s, kids’ and family press along with online activities on children’s websites such as Nick Jr, Boomerang and Super Cartoon Network.

Pre-Christmas advertising for the product is scheduled around children’s action programming and cartoon slots on a host of terrestrial and satellite channels. Other products to be advertised include Screwball Scramble, Sssh! Don’t Wake Dad, Rumble in the Jungle and Flipping’ Penguins.

Robert Hodgkinson, business head of Tomy Games Europe said: “Like all the kids out there we are really looking forward to Christmas this year”.

“We are very proud of our range of games at Tomy and it seems that more and more consumers are choosing these types of classic games, such as Pop Up Pirate and Screwball Scramble, which the whole family can enjoy,” Hodgkinson added.



High hopes for Mattel

With the licence already set to become an unexpected Chrstmas success, Mattel is bringing forward the release of its DVD board game of Disney’s surprise teen hit, High School Musical.


Thomas fuels Tomy growth

Tomy believes it is on course for a banner 12 months, with sales for the year to date up 45 per cent and August sales figures up 100 per cent on last year, ahead of the main brunt of its TV advertising campaign.

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