The west win

You can prove anything with statistics. And in these days of school league tables, massaged unemployment numbers and expenditure figures as long as you?ve got the right data it seems you can convince people of anything.
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Time was, when people looked at the evidence around them and formed their own conclusions rather than take mere figures as the truth.

Good to see that we are once again relying on these trusted old methods to evaluate the success of Toy Fair then. Once again, no stats to tell us exactly how many people came through the door, instead we have to depend upon the feel, the buzz, the perception. And that tells us that Toy Fair’s return to Olympia in West London was overwhelmingly popular. With a different-sized hall and a different layout it is difficult to make comparisons, but there can be no doubt that this was a busy show with full aisles and none of the traditional last day drop-off in traffic.

An unqualified success you could say. Even our own online poll showed that 86 per cent say the venue and shorter three-day duration made the show better. Some might view a return to Olympia as a retreat but it was necessary to keep the show alive.

And while East London may have had its charms, and improvements had been made, I haven’t heard one single person pining for ExCeL, put it that way.


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