The Toyologist: Rain and wardrobe malfunctions

This week Peter Jenkinson embraces the wet conditions and dons a figure hugging Morphsuit (don't worry, no pictures)...
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Without wanting to mention it, in fact determined not to, I feel compelled to say that the incessant rain across the nation has, after its constant presence, had the nation rally round in positive spirit.

From the comments around my leafy suburb, about how beautifully verdant everything looked, to Simon Mayo on radio Five Live chattering about the best stay indoor puzzles to play, to David Smith, ToyNews print columnist, putting up a firm two-fingered salute to the wet conditions with an entire week devoted to outdoor toys on his website.

Note to the sun – put your hat on, if you want to, but we rather like wearing our new wellies and don’t mind singing in the rain that much anymore.

Last bank holiday was an absolute joy at Chez Jenkinson, for the first time in many weeks the doorbell didn’t ring at an ungodly hour with yet another delivery of props for the second stage of filming Toyology.TV pilot – which already has turned into a saga. Who thought so much work would be involved in a 20-minute program?

I didn’t – it’s learning curve so perilous I have to wear a harness.

At all other times however the sample bearers have been back repeatedly in their vans. I’m on first name terms with a couple of them.

Anyway, on set we’ve been having some issues finding the right person to play one of our parts in the show. It’s a feature called “Are we there yet?”, those immortal words uttered from backseat ankle biters. The character in question is Road Sign Man, he helps kids road-test toys that are fun to play during monotonous journeys. Trouble is, we have him in a Morphsuit… you get the picture.

These figure huggers have been wildly popular, amongst a certain demographic. Their wearing is usually accompanied by some intake of alcoholic beverage but to get someone to wear one for the day, on a “dry” set hasn’t been easy – but we’ve found a victim.

Can you guess who it is?

I am very excited at the prospect of being ridiculed next week, to say this is a career high would be about the fattest lie, even this time I don’t think my long-supportive mum would be in the slightest bit proud, at least she has a sense of humour.

Upside is there’ll be another man in a rabbit suit to ridicule, and he’s a proper actor!

At least we’ll not have the weather worry for our forthcoming shoot as it’s all in studio, just have to remember to maintain maximum “buff” stance whilst cameras are rolling.

Peter Jenkinson is Exec Producer of and wishes he had bought that ab cruncher from QVC last year now.


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