The Toyologist: A Marvel-ous week

Despite rain stopping play on his inaugural Toyology Outdoor Toy Awards, a certain blockbuster movie release manages to cheer up our columnist.
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Has anyone else seen the latest Transformers film? The one based at sea... with Rihanna in it?

That’s the one, Battleship. On hearing that Universal were embarking on a series of film collaborations based on Hasbro board game titles I remember being super-excited, but it wasn’t the films themselves I was looking forward to, it was what the merchandising machine might spew out.

When I look back at the Transformers trilogy there is plenty of product that I got excited about. Hasbro and co have treated us to some pretty amazing toys. I over-indulged on a die-cast Optimus at the outset and have added wind-up toys, R/C’s, two voice changing helmets and a few construction Kre-O kits, all based on the bots.

On Monday an invitation to attend a private screening of The Avengers Assemble dropped onto my smartphone. On the very same day we’d plotted how to fit the new Lego Hulk not-so-mini Minifigure into one of our Toyology.TV pilot features. Now I was off to see the real Green Machine play his part alongside some of the best and most misunderstood of superheroes in the biggest blockbuster of the year so far. 

In the Toyology “prop” department (read: spare room) I’ve an embarrassingly large collection of kit relating to the Marvel characters - my Captain America dressing gown being my favourite. However none of it is appropriate attire to attend a five star hotel with a potential crowd of contacts and colleagues around, so I just opted to wear my pants outside my trousers.

Expecting to be served Iron Man Martini’s and Hulk burgers by Black Widow lookalikes, I was only ever going to be disappointed, but I made do with a couple of beers and making a gag about Diana Rig (of old 'Avengers' fame) looking good for her age on the posters.

I was in adjective overload after the film, it is, quite simply a cracker, or as I heard someone else utter “Megalicious” – And why not?

It’s the perfect combination of humour and action, Hulk is funny, Thor takes himself too seriously, Iron Man sarcastic, Black Widow is super sexy, Hawkeye makes archery into an art form and Captain America, like yours truly, dresses well.

There is a reason to want to buy something relating to each and every one of these characters and the collection of licensed goods is vast.

I think this film has the power to give the toy market a decent boost in the coming months - it really is that good.

Peter Jenkinson is CEO of Toyology.TV and can’t wait for Monopoly – The Movie.


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