The online toy market

It has often bemused me why no-one has taken on the online market in the toy sector and made it their own. In the same way that Amazon owns the book market.
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Maybe, of course, no one retailer dominates a particular space in the way Amazon does, but to my mind there’s no dominant player in toys.

The natural candidate, Toys R Us, has invested a huge amount in domain names in recent months, but concerted effort in the online market seems to have been a long time coming. It even allowed Amazon to act as its web portal, before the two firms fell out.

The resurrected online-only Woolworths is commtted to stocking a range of some 3,000 toy lines and has a marketing strategy which utilises much of the feelgood factor associated with the brand.

Then there’s, which has enjoyed huge success in the music and games sector and has just announced plans for an assault on the toy market (see our exclusive story here).

Perhaps only a non-specialist retailer will have the weight to really carve itself the largest slice of the market’s online sales. Which would surely be a an opportunity missed for our specialists?

Or maybe, from reading our Talking Shop forum, you might think it’s possible the sector will be so fragmented from suppliers selling on their own.


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