The iPad Potty: tech toilet training for kids

Plastic 'iPotty' features a slot for a tablet computer, but will it make a splash at retail?
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Tech-enabled toilet training for children? There’s an iPotty for that, and it’s being shown-off at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CTA Digital is promising to revolutionise children’s potty training with this new $40 toddler toilet which comes with a slot for an iPad.

And yes, it does come with splash protection in the form of a plastic layer film which sits on top of the device.

So far news outlets have poo-poohed the potential of the iPad Potty, pointing out obvious hygiene problems and questioning if there’s actually a need for such a product.

Could this kids tech throne be a hit? Who’s to say – after all, few adults can deny mixing tech with the toilet from time to time...


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