The Beast, 'an unsettling erotic game for one,' awakens

The game sees players keep a diary recounting their sexual relationship with a monster.
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Polish designers Alek­san­dra Son­towska and Kamil Wegrzynow­icz have launched The Beast, a titled pitched as 'an unset­tling erotic game for one'.

For mature audiences only, obviously, the game is played over 21 days and sees the player writ­e a diary recounting a series of sexual encoun­ters with a monster. Stay with me.

Each day, the player draws a card with an event or a question on it. They then have to write down their reactions or answers in the diary. Each card is designed to 'stimulate associations and invite you to visit unusual and perverse regions of your imagination'.

Themes explored in the game are related to sex, physiology, hidden erotic fantasies, and carnality, and at the end of the game the player must 'hide or burn the diary'.

So, if you've gone through all your Trivial Pursuit questions or find that Cards Against Humanity isn't looking like cutting the mustard tonight, head to DriveThruCards to get your hands on The Beast ($15).

More in-depth instructions for The Beast can be found here.


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