SweetDreamers extends sleeping aid toy range

New Ewan Snuggly joins toddler sleeping aid Ewan the Sleep Sheep.
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SweetDreamers, the company behind the award winning Ewan the Dream Sheep, is introducing its newest addition to the line, Ewan Snuggly.

The plush sleeping aid is designed to encourage peaceful sleep for toddlers by absorbing the parent's scent, offering comfort at night.

Ewan Snuggly also features knotted legs for play and a Velcro tail to secure to a teether.

The latest desing is suitable for newborns and retails at £9.99

Lynda Harding, the founder of SweetDreamers, said: “I am so excited to finally be launching the Ewan Snuggly.

"The popularity of Ewan the Dream Sheep, both nationally and internationally, has been phenomenal, so I think it’s great that we can now offer our fans another ewan to add to their collection that will help comfort little ones to sleep.

"Ewan really has established himself as the shepherd of sleep, so I hope the ewan snuggly will bring even more sleep-filled nights to homes across the country.”


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