Super Why hits the UK

RC2 is bringing Super Why to the UK this autumn following its appointment as global master toy licensee.
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The superhero property helps children aged three to six years old learn to read through interactive story adventures. The series is already proving a hit on Nick Jnr and performing as the channel’s top rated show which airs everyday.

The program represents a unique approach to pre-school educational television, featuring a team of superhero characters with literacy-based powers, who jump into books to look for answers to everyday problems.

The viewer is the superhero sidekick, and is encouraged and empowered to participate in the reading adventure by playing research-based literacy games.

RC2 is launching a range of vehicles, plush and action figures under its Learning Curve brand. A range of ELA’s will launch in 2010.

Introductory products include collectible Why Flyers, mini plush, deluxe plush, action figures and dress-up dolls promote the uniqueness of each character by focusing on the character’s core skill, or via the transformation of character to superhero.

Finally, the Write & Erase Super Computer allows kids to write on the surface and then erase their message over and over again.

RC2 toy director, Mark Ashurst commented: “We’re really excited about unveiling our Super Why range in the UK. The property is proving a huge success in the US and already making big noises over here.

"Super Why is a formidable addition - developmental play is characteristic of the Learning Curve brand and through Super WHy we can bring early literacy skills and reading into the mix.”

RC2 has invested significantly in the brand with an extensive marketing campaign which includes the appointment of kids and youth specialists, Norton & Company to facilitate the PR function, plus online advertising, cross promotions and in-store promotions.


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