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This summer should be another bumper time at the cinema. Speed Racer, Iron Man and Indiana Jones have already made their mark, with Incredible Hulk, Prince Caspian, Wall-E, Batman:The Dark Knight and Clone Wars to come. And as Samantha Loveday finds out, there's the licensed product.
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Hasbro boasts three of this summer’s potential blockbusters in its portfolio: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Starting with Iron Man, and the firm has a collection of action figures and role-play items. The Iron Man Mask and Repulsor Gauntlet (£19.99) shoots small repulsor ray discs, with the gauntlet fitting easily over a child’s arm. The gold and red 12-inch Repulsor Iron Man (£19.99) is a highlight in the action figure range and features motion activated flight sounds plus light up palms, while a selection of six-inch figures (£7.99) include Tony Stark’s original Iron Man suit.
The Incredible Hulk hits cinemas on June 13th and Hasbro’s range features new super-sized Smash Hands with sound effects (£19.99) and the Power Glow Mask (£14.99), with the eyes glowing green at the touch of a button.
Six-inch movie action figures of the Hulk (£7.99) come with smashed extras including cars and iron girders. The 12-inch figure is the Electronic Smashin’ Stompin’ Hulk (£24.99) which includes double-arm motion smash action. The figure also says a number of Hulk phrases, such as ‘You’re making me angry’, makes loud smashing sounds and has eyes which light up green.
Finally, the Indiana Jones line is based on both the new film and the classic adventures. The Electronic Sound FX Whip (£19.99) is over three foot long and plays the Raiders March theme tune, as well as whip-cracking sounds, but is made of soft foam so it’s completely safe for children.
The first wave of 3.75-inch action figures (£6.99) will include Indiana Jones with pistol and whip, Belloq, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah (Monkey Man) and Cairo Swordsman. More action figures will roll out later in the year, as well as vehicles and a Mighty Muggs series of figures.

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Fans of Indiana Jones can build their own adventure with the Temple of the Crystal Skull playset (£69.99). The set features a number of tricks and traps including flick arrows, falling skulls, revolving staircases, secret passages, hidden trap doors and collapsing steps.
Other playsets in Lego’s range include Jungle Cutter (£29.99), River Chase (£17.99) and Jungle Duel (£8.99) – all of which are available now.
Meanwhile, from July, Lego will begin the roll out of its Star Wars: The Clone Wars range. This will include the MagnaGuard Starfighter (£39.99), the Republic’s V-19 Torrent (£49.99), the AT-TE Walker (£69.99) and the Republic Attack Gunship (£79.99), all coming with special features and mini-figures.
Lego is also a licensee for Batman: The Dark Knight and Speed Racer.

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It’s set to be a busy summer for Mattel, as the firm has ranges for Speed Racer, Batman: The Dark Knight and Kung Fu Panda.
Starting with Speed Racer – and the company’s line includes vehicles, track sets and playsets. A collection of 24 die-cast 1:64 scale vehicles will each come with a cool accessory from the movie, with single and twin packs available.
TV driver, Battle Morph Mach 6, is a large scale action vehicle featuring motor sounds and engine revving action. Like in the movie, the vehicle features jump-jacks to pop up on two wheels, while an arsenal of weaponry and projectiles can be revealed at the touch of a button. The vehicle comes with a five-inch Speed figure.
The race track from the film is extended away from the cinema with two key track sets, both receiving TV support. The Fuji Helexicon track set is inspired by one of the movie’s most hair raising races – kids can challenge themselves or a friend in the twin vertical drop set. Meanwhile, the kids can place numerous cars on the Sky Jump track set and watch as they shoot round the circuit before being catapulted into the air and back down the track. Boosters are also featured on the set.
Mattel will also be introducing a line of vehicles, playsets and special edition Speed Racer UB Funkeys.
Moving on, and Mattel is the master toy licensee for Batman: The Dark Knight and it boosts a pretty packed line up of vehicles, figures and playsets. A range of 20 5.5-inch Basic Action Figures each come with an accessory, while the Batman: Dark Knight Stealth Launch Batmobile is an all-new version of the tumbler, combining two vehicles into one.
Role-play items available will include the Mega Cape and mask, while the Rapid Fire Utility Belt transforms into a motorised blaster and comes with a cape. Key drivers will receive TV and PR support.
Finally, Mattel has looked to capitalise on the unique humour featured in Kung Fu Panda for its line-up of plush, figures, playsets and role-play toys. Interactive plush will be a key driver and features the voice of actor Jack Black, as well as other sounds. An assortment of two-inch figures showcase some of the battles and scenes from the Dreamworks animation and are compatible with the Battle Palace Playset, which features key locations from the film. A range of six Battle Armour figures, each measuring six-inches and fully articulated is also available, each coming with battle armour and accessories.
Finally, the Master Monkey Staff is a transforming five-in-one role-play item which kids can use to recreate scenes from the film.

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Flair has a number of craft and creative play products inspired by Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
The film’s animation lends itself well to the Shaker Maker concept, with two characters to create with the device. Meanwhile, the Clone Wars Etch-A-Sketch has all the features of the classic version - a silver screen and two dials to direct the cursor which draws the image – however these are encased in a moulded exterior recognisable as a character from the film.
Card game Uno comes in a collector’s Clone Wars case and includes illustrated playing cards in place of the standard numeric, as well as a unique gameplay card. To complete the collection, children can make their own Clone Wars comic book with the Comic Maker Kit, while Plaster Creations is a traditional mould and paint playset with plinths to display the completed figures.

Winning Moves
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Part of the Top Trumps Specials range, the new Indiana Jones pack includes the explorer, his friends and his enemies, all rated on categories such as Adventures, Combat, Cunning, Courage, Greed and Faith and Wisdom.
Winning Moves is also planning a Top Trumps Star Wars Clone Wars pack, which will be directly marketed to boys aged between eight and 12, the core market for Top Trumps.
Finally, the Marvel brand is a consistent performer within the Top Trumps portfolio. Both Iron Man and Hulk are featured in the Marvel Max Top Trumps pack, which is available now.

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Brainstorm is now taking pre-orders for the new Uncle Milton line of items based on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Although playing its cards close to its chest as to what the products will be, the firm is confident they will capture the adventure, discovery and excitement of the Indiana Jones movies. Roll out is due to start in the autumn.
“The excitement surrounding this movie is immense,” says Brainstorm’s Rosanne Kenealy. “We think this will be the hit movie of the summer.”

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Danilo will be releasing new ranges of calendars and greetings cards to coincide with this summer’s major movies – which could be perfect margin makers for many toy retailers.
The 2009 calendar range features 12-inch square wall calendars of Marvel Heroes (including Hulk and Iron Man), Wall-E, Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The firm is also publishing calendar and card lines for Kung Fu Panda, Batman: The Dark Knight, Speed Racer and Clone Wars.
The wall calendars will be complemented by a series of birthday cards which include age and relation captions, all with added value features such as badges and activities.
The Kung Fu Panda and Clone Wars card lines will also feature sound cards which replay actual movie dialogue when opened.

Vivid Imaginations
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Vivid’s first new movie line will be based on Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It will be made up of figures, playsets and role-play items, with prices starting from £5.99 through to £49.99. The range will be supported by over 600 TVRs between June and December.
Meanwhile, the firm’s Wall-E line will also include basic and deluxe action figures, transforming Wall-E and a trailer playset. Plush and novelty items will also be available, with prices beginning at £2.99 and going up to £29.99.
Again, Vivid will be backing the range with TV, print and PR drives.

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Jumbo is readying for the release of a Wall-E puzzle range in July to tie in with the arrival of the movie.
The collection includes an assortment of four x 35-piece jigsaws, Trio puzzle with three x 50-piece in a box and an assortment of four x 100-piece jigsaws for the more advanced puzzler.
All products feature characters from the film.

GB Eye
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GB Eye has poster licences for Wall-E, Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda, Batman: The Dark Knight and Speed Racer.
The firm is putting together a range of two to five maxi posters and two to four mini posters for each movie, and in the case of Batman, it has a 3D lenticular image to be revealed closer to the movie’s release date.
“With really strong offerings from the world’s biggest movie production companies of Disney, Warner and Dreamworks, hopefully this summer is going to be as hit as these movies,” says Sorrel Dryden, key accounts and marketing manager at GB Eye.

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The firm has introduced two puzzles featuring images from the latest Narnia film, Prince Caspian. There is a choice of 500-piece and 1,000-piece puzzles, appealing to both an adult and family audience.
Young Indiana Jones fans, meanwhile, can choose from a 60-piece or a 100-piece puzzle featuring images from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. A 500-piece puzzle with images from the new film, plus a 1,000-piece puzzle featuring classic scenes from the originally trilogy are also available for adults.
Ravensburger has a choice of four puzzles featuring Wall-E, comprising a 35-piece, three-in-a-box set, extra large 100-piece and a giant floor puzzle. The firm has also launched a Wall-E memory and a Wall-E puzzleball.
Finally, Kung Fu Panda and friends will be appearing on a puzzleball, as well as a range of flat puzzles – a three-in-a-box set, extra large 100-piece and a giant floor puzzle.

Cesar UK
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The firm has a line of costumes based on Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Speed Racer.
The printed Iron Man dress-up features padded muscles in the chest and arms, plus a soft and flexible foam mask. It is available in sizes three to five and five to seven years.
Meanwhile, the Hulk muscle costume features printed muscle torso and arms, integrated ripped-effect trousers and foam mask. Available in sizes three to five and five to seven, the firm is also offering a deluxe inflatable costume, standard muscle costume and a deluxe mask for adults.
Finally, the firm’s deluxe Speed Racer costume includes leather effect trousers, jacket style top, gloves and helmet.

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The playing card and card game manufacturer enjoyed healthy sales with its tie-in film packs last year, and this summer it will have ranges for Wall-E, Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones.
Wall-E items arrive this month and include a classic Happy Families game and the possibility for exclusive packs and sets. The cards are a special square size.
Character images from Prince Caspian will be featured on Cartamundi’s playing cards, while there will be decks available for both the new Indiana Jones film – Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – with images from the movie and all the cast, plus the three earlier films in the series.

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A key player in the licensed bedding and accessories market, Zap has created a number of designs for Batman: The Dark Knight. Duvet sets, fleece blankets, a poncho, rug and cotton printed towel will all be available.

Mr Lucky Bags
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Mr Lucky Bags has created an extensive range of its movie bags for many of this summer’s big releases.
The firm is rolling out bags for Speed Racer, Iron Man, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hulk, Batman: The Dark Knight and Kung Fu Panda.
For each movie bag, the firm teams up with its sister company Toontastic Publishing, which produces posters containing movie related puzzles, colouring and movie facts. Included in the bags are activities, toys, novelties and confectionery, with all priced at £2 each.
Meanwhile, specialist product development company Teepee Creative has produced a puzzle which can turn the Wall-E robot from a flat packed version into a 3D one (£2.99).

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The Wall-E Learning Laptop is already proving to be a hit for Vtech. Wall-E guides children to help save the first planet on earth for many years. The interactive hand controller turns to answer selected questions and the blinking eye encourages interaction. The laptop includes a QWERTY keyboard on the flip-down compactor lid and teaches fun curriculum for four to seven year olds.
Wall-E is also the star of a new Learning Game. Designed for ages three to five, the game will feature familiar scenes from the film and covers environmental issues, recycling, logic, problem solving, shapes, colours, matching and letters.
Kung Fu Panda will also be starring in a new Learning Game called Path of the Panda. The game will include character writing of both English and Chinese numbers, while an age-appropriate curriculum will include letters, numbers, units of measurement, symmetry, food categorisation, puzzles and logic.

Character Options
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With a proven track record in movie-related products, Character’s Wall-E game comes hot on the heels of its success with Homersapien (released to coincide with The Simpsons Movie last year) and Spidersapien (tying in with the 2007 Spider-man film).
Players use Wall-E’s arm tweezers to help recover interesting objects from Earth’s past. The aim is to successfully remove the objects without touching the unstable blocks, which will set off an alarm.

IMC Toys
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IMC will be supporting four of the big summer films: Iron Man, Hulk, Wall-E and Batman: The Dark Knight.
The Iron Man line will be launching with four items including a full functional radio control vehicle, while Hulk arrives with nine items which include entry point products and an indoor infrared helicopter.
A walkie talkie and three other items will be in the Batman range, while for Wall-E there’s fully adjustable night vision goggles with binocular effects and a pinball and alarm clock.

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The new Indiana Jones sticker collection from Merlin comes with 240 widescreen stickers and a 48-page album.
The action from the film is replicated throughout the album: follow Indiana Jones as he goes in pursuit of a mysterious crystal skull and the Lost City of Akator, also known as the Lost City of Gold.

Thumbs Up
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A crossover between novelty, gift and apparel, Thumbs Up’s new Batman light-up t-shirts feature the super hero and his enemy, The Joker.
The cotton t-shirts contain a small battery pack that powers a flexible panel on the front of the shirt, which lights up from a gentle glow to a pulsing strobe.


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