Street Surfing buys Blur Skateboards

The casterboard company expands with the acquisition.
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Street Surfing has described the move as a ‘natural evolution’, adding Blur skateboards to its range of casterboards and scooters.

The firm is looking to make further inroads into the UK, with activity including the Street Surfing 360 Rampage tour stop at Eastbourne Extreme on July 16th and 17th.

Mark Siegel, the newly appointed CEO of Street Surfing, said: "As riders expand from our casterboards, they can move onto Blur skateboards and stay in the family. Blur has had a good product and competitive pricing.”

Scott Rickett of Street Surfing said: "The timing couldn't be better. There's a generational shift taking place in the sport as older skaters are coming back and bringing their kids and families along with them. There's also growing interest among girls creating a lot of opportunity for Blur."

This autumn, the Wave 360 board will be featured in Fred The Movie 2.

Street Surfing is a recognised brand in Europe, where casterboards represent a significant portion of the wheeled toy market.


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