SPRING FAIR 2012: Asobi revives the teddy bear

Firm debuts Alice's Bear Shop at the annual trade show.
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Firm debuts Alice's Bear Shop at the annual trade show.

Asobi's latest project is the teddy bear revival, which will see the company add a unique brand to its growing portfolio. Tat, Woodroffe, Cobby Ting, Sandy, Tilly, Captain, Alice's cat and Chunky the dog, are the characters from the Alice’s Bear Shop range.

The collection of characterful teddy bears has been created from a series of eight books. They have not been available since 2007 but thanks to Asobi, the company behind the inspired Slow Toy Movement, the complete family of bears will soon be available again.

Alice’s Bear Shop is the creation of Rikey Austin, an illustrator and teddy bear designer. They were originally based on a collection of her own bedtime stories in which Alice, the main character could talk to her teddy bears. Rikey was constantly inspired by the stories she told her sons every night and decided to bring the bears; she so fondly talked about, to life.

Asobi’s founder Thierry Bourett, commented: "At Asobi we believe children should be inspired to use their own imagination during playtime. It is a crime these beautiful bears have been off the shelves for so long, and I am thrilled we are supporting Rikey with her work.

"Every child should have their very own bear; they give endless love and a chance to appreciate a classic toy that will last the test of time. With eight to choose from, each with their own personality, there is sure to be a bear for every family."

The complete set of Alice’s Bear Shop teddy bears are available exclusively from Asobi from this month - first stock deliveries will be made in May.


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