Spring Fair 2011

A complete round-up of the exhibitors and their stands at the upcoming Spring Fair International 2011, set to take place in Birmingham in February.
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FLAIR – 5C19
Licensed collectables will be high on the agenda for Flair at Spring Fair with the launch of new figures and accessories from three film releases; Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Smurfs 3D and Horrid Henry.

From Pirates of the Caribbean 4, highly detailed and fully articulated figures depicting both classic and new characters will be released in two waves. There are ten to collect and new Battle Pack assortments will include a figure and accessory while unique features for each set will be revealed by a backlight LED. The hero item however, will be the Queen Anne’s Revenge Ship, a highly detailed ship with working features such as projectile cannons, retractable plank and rotating battle platform.

The Smurfs will benefit from renewed global recognition as the new film The Smurfs in 3D is launched in August. Flair has an assortment of 6cm articulated figures in single and twin packs and 20cm and 30cm luxury plush toys along with Rock N Roll Clumsy, a 25cm feature plush that sings and dances to the theme song.

Horrid Henry has a new film for summer. With it comes a host of new products including a Horrid Henry Yo-yo complete with lights and sounds, a Voice Changer and Make your Own Slime Pots. Also available are Walkie Talkies and various joke and prank kits.

Collectables for girls include Pop Pals, the take-along friend that can be hung from a school bag or backpack and the Hello Kitty collection of luxury plush which will be refreshed with new designs. Alternatively new Kookoo Birds will present a quirky plush choice. The birds have heaps of attitude and give out a KooKoo Kall. The 15cm Talking Plush will lay an egg which contains a special KooKoo baby and the series of Mini KooKoo Birds have their own Kalls.

Flair will also launch a new concept called Fuzzoodles – an easy to do activity where kids can make fuzzy characters that can be bent into shape and personalised with googly eyes and accessories provided. Altogether less fluffy is Gummi X – a play station for boys with the equipment to make edible bugs.

Finally Rolobox which is a kit that turns a box into a pull-along toy using a re-usable wheel kit. The wheels and axles attach easily to any size of cardboard box, with big nuts and bolts that children can get to grips with.

2010 saw Ravensburger’s best-ever sales of adult puzzles and the firm plans to maintain this momentum by introducing over 40 new titles for 2011, along with Puzzle Store, the all-in-one jigsaw workstation.

Ravensburger puzzles are manufactured in the firm’s own factory, ensuring ultimate quality control and sturdy dust-free pieces that fit only where intended.

Ravensburger’s UK development team works extensively with British artists to create new designs based on popular licences and themes, and these are combined with bestsellers from their international catalogue to give a broad range of images.

Licensed titles for 2011 include 1,000-piece designs based on classic Star Wars, Me to You, Top Gear and Winnie the Pooh. Also new are titles depicting cartoon comedy, nostalgia, country cottages, British butterflies and detailed images ideal for the most avid puzzle fan.

Puzzle Store is Ravensburger’s complete puzzle workstation. Suitable for up to 1,000-piece puzzles, it includes a strong board to assemble your puzzle on, plus five integral trays for sorting and storing pieces. Once you’ve finished puzzling for the day, just place the assembly board on top of the sorting trays and snap the Puzzle Store shut to keep everything in. The carry handles make it easy to move around and it’s so slim, it can fit under most sofas, or against a wall.

“2011 is an exciting year with the launch of our new brand Eureka,” says Nick Saunders, sales director at Brainstorm. “Eureka is a range of fun, educational and interactive products that will be first show-cased at Toy Fair and Spring Fair.”

The Eureka range will feature 2 in 1 Globe - earth by day, space by night. The 22.8cm daytime globe shows political boundaries and natural features, such as lakes and rivers. Explore the night sky with the illuminated night globe, which shows key stars and constellations. An advanced light-sensor automatically turns on the LED illumination whenever the room darkens, transforming the earth globe into a captivating map of the stars.

New to the firm’s Fact Finders Wheels of Knowledge range is Most Deadly. Featuring 40 of the most deadly animals in the world, such as the Great White Shark, Indian Cobra and Saltwater Crocodile, the wheel gives facts about each animal and top tips on how to avoid the creatures.

JUMBO – 5B52
Jumbo Games will be showcasing a new range of adult and children’s games and puzzles at Spring Fair 2011. The firm offers adult puzzles including the Falcon and Wasgij range and will be adding to these as well as introducing the new Smart Games range.

Smart Games is a new range of games designed for all ages aged three and over that require logic and problem solving to complete. They range in difficulty and each puzzle has varying levels within it allowing all to enjoy the colourful brain games.

Jumbo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Falcon range in 2011. New puzzles will be added to the existing ranges depicting scenes of traditional country life, transport, cottages and animals. Plus, the firm has added two new licences, Carry On and Shoot and will be launching 1,000-piece puzzles for both brands as well as 250-piece puzzles in a retro puzzle tin, for gifting opportunities. Jumbo will also be launching Falcon’s Around Britain – a series that showcases illustrations from around Britain by different artists.

The challenging range of Wasgij puzzles will be expanded in 2011 across the Original, Destiny and Mystery puzzles with new inclusions; The Wasgij Office Destiny, Wasgij Mystery Sale Mayhem and Wasgij Original Car Boot Sale. Plus, for 2011 there will be a Wasgij Spin and Shout game as well as the introduction of a new Carry On Wasgij puzzle.

In 2011, the company will be looking to cement its position in the children’s games and puzzles sector with new products and puzzle concepts for popular licences. Jumbo produces puzzles and games for Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Fireman Sam, Horrid Henry, and Disney Princess.

New products include the Disney Princess Magic Wand Game and the puzzle and colour concept across various properties. Jumbo is also looking to extend its educational generic puzzle range, Grow with Jumbo, with two new step-by-step puzzles and the educational Grow with Jumbo Market Sweep Lotto game.

The John Crane stand has a host of new products at Spring Fair but most notably, a whole new collection. Tidlo, or Tidlo Timeless Toys, to give it its full title, is the culmination of many years product development at John Crane.

The collection is fully merchandisable by retailers, who can request free point of sale with orders at Spring Fair to help actively merchandise their new Tidlo section in-store.

The collection incorporates a host of ride-on toys including the Red Scooter and Motorbike for boys and the Lemon Scooter for modern girls. Each ride-on vehicle comes in high gloss paint and easy grip handlebars and pneumatic tyres to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Alternatively the Rainbow Recorders and Rainbow Maracas, both appearing on a beautiful retailer stand for an impressive in-store display. These colourful instruments are tuned so can be used in school for lessons and clubs, making kids the envy of their friends.

The new Daisy Tabletop Kitchen has daisy detailing set on a backdrop of pinks and natural wood. The set is completed by the addition of accessories including pans, spoons and salt and pepper shakers. Plus, when playtime is over, everything can be folded away and stored, as the product becomes half the size.

Furthermore, there is a seasonal addition to the range, as the Nativity Set is launched. All made from wood it comprises all the figures required for a depiction of the holy scene.

The launch of the Tidlo collection will be backed by a PR and marketing campaign including consumer advertising, promotions via schools plus a number of social media strategies.

Building on the success of its Wild Science for Girls range, visitors to Spring Fair will be able to see Interplay’s Wild Science brand extension which brings with it all the elements of Cosmetics Science, appealing particularly to the pre-teen market.

With several kits to choose from, girls will be provided with everything they need, including a detailed instruction booklet, to make a host of cosmetics from shampoos and body gels to face masks and body mists.

Also targeting the pre-teen girls market, Interplay is launching a unique range of craft kits, which takes homemade jewellery and decorative arts to a new level.

The projects included in these kits create professional quality jewellery introducing potentially a lifetime hobby for girls of all ages. The collection also includes professional card making and other home craft kits for girls.

Gibsons has launched 50 new puzzle designs for 2011. There are some classics from artist Thomas Kinkade, as well as a National Trust image detailing an interior view of a stately home including both living and servant’s quarters. The firm has also extended the ‘Memories of’ range including Handbag Revelations depicting all sorts of treasures found in a ladies handbag during the 1940’s.

Retailing under £10, Gibsons Party Games aim to bring back a bit of ‘good old fashioned’ family fun, The firm has re-launched children’s favourites from the 50s and 60s with an added active twist. The games will see children race around, challenge their memory and use their imagination. Shopping Madness, Railway Romp and Donkey Derby are all flexible games offering easy or harder play options. Packaged in retro style tins and suitable for five years and over.

Gibsons is also launching two new additions to its award winning My World range for children. My Lotto is a multi cultural game full of facts about other countries and cultures. My Dominoes features brightly coloured jungle animals. Both contain hints and tips for parents for extending play, and a slot in the top of the box so children can post their pieces and help with putting away.

As with all Gibsons My World products, they are eco friendly having been produced in the UK on recycled board, and have been developed in conjunction with child psychologist, Dr Amanda Gummer, ensuring they are appropriate for children at every level.

Already thinking about Christmas 2011? Pass the Pud is a new beat-the-burp team game for four or more players. Presented in an acetate gift cube, the game includes a ‘jingling’ Christmas pudding. Players nerves are tested as they answer questions from five categories, passing the pud back and forth to avoid the burp. To win players must avoid getting caught with the pudding and collect the most sixpences and see the opposition get stuffed.

New Cuddles by Fiesta Crafts is a range of puppets, squeakers and pyjama cases in January 2011. Featuring farmyard animals including sheep, cow and duck, toddlers will snuggle up in the warmth of the soft Cuddle material. The animal toys are fully machine washable. Cuddle Puppets are ideal for babies and tots to interact with and be entertained. Made with super soft fabric, there is the choice of a duck, sheep, rabbit, chicken, mouse and teddy bear.

Squeekaboos have been a strong seller in 2010. Made from super soft fabrics, they are the ideal size for tots. They squeak, jingle and crinkle and are ideal for playing peek-a-boo games. The new 2011 Cuddles range includes a duck, sheep, rabbit and mouse Cuddle Squeekaboo, available at £6.99. All Squeekaboos come with a special gift tag.

Cuddle Pyjama Cases are a convenient storage tool combined with a plush toy. Also made with super soft fabric, choose from the sheep or mouse at £17.99 each.
Besides these Cuddle toys, a new product range is planned for 2011 including Doowell magnetic colour-in games and educational charts, Great Escape puzzles, Doorway Theatre and hand puppet sets, plus a selection of pocket money toys and gifts.

Schleich has many new figures and play-sets in its Nature and History ranges including animals from around the world and heroes from the past. The fantasy world of Bayala also has some new figures. For the boys there are six new Arelan Heroes, each with an animal companion and the Bayala wedding figures and accessories are also new to the range.

Schleich is also introducing some small scenery packs which make an introduction to the brand. Priced ideally for the gift trade, there are a number of themes to choose ranging from Dogs and Cats to an Arelan Camp Fire.

Kids instantly understand the concept of Schleich's figures which combine nature and fantasy promoting imaginative play without the need for instruction.

As part of the London 2012 merchandise programme, makers of Top Trumps, Winning Moves, has launched the first of its London 2012 Top Trumps range with an Olympic Legends pack.

The new Olympic Legends Top Trumps pack features some of the greatest sporting heroes in the history of the Games. All the favourites appear in the pack; from Usain Bolt to Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave to Cathy Freeman.

The pack has already proved popular since it first went on sale at the opening of the first London 2012 Official store in St Pancras Station - it sold out within weeks of the opening - and has since proved to be a top selling product in the store.

The new London 2012 store also sells the Olympic Legends pack as part of its line-up of licensed products. Pictured here, with his pack, is Paul Deighton, CEO of LOCOG together with the London 2012 mascots Wenlock and Mandeville who were all at the opening of the store in Paddington.

The Olympic Legends Top Trumps pack is the first of a line-up of Olympic and Paralympic-themed editions to be launched. Others in the range will include Team GB, British Legends and a London 2012 Gold Medallist edition for Christmas 2012.

In addition to the Top Trumps range, plans are underway to produce an Olympic Sports version of the Top Trumps Tournament game, along with several unique London 2012 versions of Monopoly, the first of which will be launched at the Toy and Spring Fairs in 2011.

Nik Battersby, Head of Product Development at Winning Moves UK; “As a London-based company, it’s really exciting to be working on these products in the lead up to and following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I’m really looking forward to putting an exciting twist on many of the classic games in our portfolio.”

LOCOG – 6D14/E15 & E14/F15.
LOCOG's stand at Spring Fair will take up nearly 500m2, will feature products from across the London 2012 product and will enable retailers to engage with the whole range of London 2012 licensees and product. 2012 has already been described as the ‘year of two Christmases’ with around £1billion worth of London 2012 merchandise sales expected.

There will also be special guest appearances by VIPs of the sporting world including LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe and gold medallist triple jump legend Jonathan Edwards.

Toy and gift licensees displaying London 2012 products include: Golden Bear, Winning Moves, Hornby, Hy-Pro, Icon Live, Awnhill, Touch of Ginger.

With its online store up and running, two dedicated retail shops open at St Pancras International and Paddington stations, 37 licensees signed up and around 500 products available up and down the High Street in time for Christmas, London 2012 plans are developing strongly as it and the industry prepares for a busy 2011 and 2012.

Spring Fair 2011 will see Marbel return to Hall 5 with its award winning wooden Wendy house stand. This year’s show will see the firm feature over 100 new products, including additions to the Plan Toys, I’M Toy, Hape, Educo, L’atitude Enfant ranges and even some new brands.

New products from the Plan Toys pre-school, activity, dollhouse and Plan city ranges will all be on show. It will also be the first time for retailers to catch a glimpse of the full range of Hape and Educo wooden toys. There are over 50 new products, ranging from wooden puzzles to racing cars produced from sustainable bamboo.

As always, Marbel’s staff will be on hand throughout the shows to answer any questions.

HABA – 5D10
Haba will have a new range of musical instruments on show at Spring Fair this year, which combine its wooden toys with sound.

From Rattling Shakers to Magical Sound Flutes, Haba’s new musical collection is designed so that the volume is suitable for small children. Each instrument is designed to encourage children to experiment with sounds and effects. There are lots of individual instruments to choose from plus two Sound Workshops available – small and large, which contain everything needed to explore sounds, chimes and tunes.

The Big Sound Workshop is packed with a small orchestra, containing 12 pieces, also all made of beech wood. This set has the addition of castanets, acoustic blocks and a rainmaker.

Esdevium Games has a lot to offer at this year’s Spring Fair. Fisher Price classics have been strong since its release in autumn. The toys entertained a whole generation of children and now they are back to entertain another. Packaging features the original logos and boxes while at the same time bringing them into the 21st century.

Cobi has a range of different themes including the Small Army range, which shows a variety of military vehicles and play-sets, including Navy ships. There is also Action Town, which includes police, fire engine and construction vehicles. Esdevium’s licensed Cobi range has also seen strong sales and features the McLaren racing cars, the Renault F1 team and the Boeing Aircraft models.

The latest addition is Cobi Knights, which shows full battle scenes, fortresses, horses and various campsites. Cobi is compatible with other toy building bricks.

Also on show will be the new Pokemon: Black and White trading card game. The TCG follows the new release of the Pokemon video game from Nintendo with the new cards based on the new characters.

Esdevium Games is able to give next day delivery as well as offering small quantity orders where other distributors will not. The firm distributes for Hasbro and Mattel, making games such as Boggle Flash and Apples to Apples available to all customers.

The latest inspiring additions to the 4M Craft and Science Kits collection will be unveiled at Spring Fair.

In the science and educational sector the Green Science Solar Robot kit teaches kids the basic principles of solar energy, electricity and mechanics whilst having fun making a robot that can perform simple tasks.

There are also some new craft kits such as Origami Lights and Mould and Paint Fridge Magnets as well as some environmental projects aimed at both girls and boys, such as the Green Creativity Trash Robot kit, which turns rubbish into an environmental project.

Bladez Toyz has, for the second year running, been the only company to have an R/C helicopter short listed in Dream Toys. The easy to fly Bladez Micro, which was shortlisted in Dream Toys 2010, has been a top selling line for the firm.

Bladez Toyz has grown over the last four years to become a market leader in designing and supplying innovative RC helicopter toys. The product range is positioned to appeal to both children and adults, suited to all budgets and skill levels.

The G-Bladez gyro range is set to continue during 2011 with both indoor and outdoor Gyro helicopters. The benefits of the toys include auto stability and precision control, ease of flight, ultra manoeuvrability and a robust design. The helicopters are made from toughened aluminium, collapsible blades and fitted with a directional Gyroscope.

Bladez Toyz has also introduced new in-store concessions for live demonstrations, allowing consumers to interact with the products. This provides the opportunity to speak with demo staff, see the precision stability and hover control of the products first hand, or try out the stunt car in the dedicated demo bowl.

At Spring Fair 2011, at 12.30pm every day in the live toy demo area, Hall 5, Bladez will be demonstrating its products for 30 minutes and visitors can also compete on a competition course where there will be free stock giveaways.

POS can be provided, in addition to high res images and product videos. Whether you are a small independent, multinational, or online retailer, Bladez Toyz has the experience and resources to support your business.

Create stories with Rory’s Story Cubes – a pocket-sized story generator. Just roll the dice, start with ‘Once upon a time’ and use the images to tell a story.

Rory’s Story Cubes are suitable for all ages, with kids at bedtime or adults over dinner they are guaranteed to get the creative juices following. The game is available in CDUs of eight units and retailers receive a free set of dice.

Purrfect Puzzles are 1,000-piece premium jigsaw puzzles. Made in the Netherlands the glare-free jigsaws are thicker and more durable with smooth edges that fit well. The puzzles come in compact boxes, which reduce environmental impact and save on storage space.

There are 16 images initially in the range. Each one shows the work of famous artists including Celtic artist, Rachel Arbuckle, Achim Bednorz and pre-Raphaelite paintings including The Lady of Shallott by John William Waterhouse and Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais from the Tate Gallery.

Casdon Toys will be exhibiting its array of role-play toys for the second year running. The firm will be revealing new box designs that will help drive retail sales and enable the products to stand out on the shelf.

Casdon is introducing sub brands such as Little Helper, Little Shopper and Little Driver giving the range a much more parent and child friendly appearance. The new packaging includes information on the benefits of Casdon Toys in respect to their educational properties, visual stimulation, hand-to-eye co-ordination, problem solving and improving motor skills etc.

With this revamped look Casdonis hoping to break further into the gift market with lines such as the Dyson Replica Vacuums, Henry and Hetty Replica Vacuums, Henry and Hetty Cleaning Trolleys, Pick n Mix Sweet Shop’s and Post office Sets. Casdon will be boasting a number of new lines and details will be given at the show.

Wow will be unveiling a range of new products at Spring Fair this year, with a substantial increase in its existing ranges. Included in the line-up is a push along Space Buggy, spaceman and alien friend and also a Knight and Dragon toy that comes with a push-along chariot and working catapult and boulder.

Other new toys include Roll-it-Riley, a friction-powered steam roller with mix ’n’ match faces and a rattling roller, Police Plane Pete, a working police plane with rotating propellers, and Jess ‘n’ Jake’s Playground, a playground set with boy and girl figures, a rocking see saw, slide and spinning roundabout.

Mario’s Pizzeria, will also be making its debut, a working pizza restaurant, which includes a magic oven with push-to-bake button, pizza delivery trike and a Spin the Chef feature to choose different pizza toppings.

Visitors to the Wow stand will be given demonstrations on all new toys and be invited to see the new in-store promotions planned for 2011 which also includes branded and highly visible ready to roll-out shop-fits.

In the multi award-winning pre-school educational Chimp and Zee range, Paul Lamond is launching two new games - Dodge the Dino and Who’s the Princess - and three craft/activity sets based on the themes of Dolls, Ponies and On Safari.

In pre-school licensed games and puzzles Gruffalo’s Child, Mr Men and Dear Zoo join the existing Gruffalo, Very Hungry Caterpillar and Tinga Tinga Tales ranges along with new Scooby Doo games.

Humpty Dumpty’s wall game and Meerkat Mayhem join Hot Potato, Jumping Monkeys and Chairs in the skill and action range.

This year Paul Lamond is adding to its range of family/adult games. Atmosfear returns for its 20th anniversary and the company launches Fatal Attraction, a game of magnetic chaos. Finally the firm is introducing two BBC games, Just a Minute, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year as a radio game show and QI the Board Game.

In the puzzle ranges, apart from the pre-school licences, Paul Lamond is unveiling a range of 3D kids puzzles which come with necessary glasses. In 1,000-piece puzzles, there is a number of new ranges including three Viz Puzzles.

Finally for immediate delivery, Paul Lamond has four new low-price point travel/party games (two card-based and two dice-based).

Wind Designs specialises in sourcing, marketing and distributing active products and the firm has over 1,000 SKUs, including licensed properties such as Toy Story, Cars and Ben10.

Wind Designs supplies a wide customer base including independent stores, department stores, online retailers and buying groups throughout the UK and Ireland.
The range includes flying, throwing and pocket money toys, water pistols, yoyos, juggling equipment, unicycles, kites and more.

The firm has exclusive distribution rights for brands including Zing Air, Oz West, Air Hunterz, Djubi, Flexifoil and Eolo Sport. It is also an authorised distributor for Hasbro’s Nerf and Super Soaker ranges.

Spring Fair will see the firm displaying its product line-up for 2011. Following its launch at Autumn Fair, Zing Air now has new additions including the Super Stomp Rocket, Double Shotz and Benda Blaster.

The Air Hunterz ZX Crossfire is a high-tech launcher which fires soft foam Zartz rocketz and the stick anywhere foam Zartz dartz up to 55’ in the air.
Also on display will be the Oz West impulse products including the Pop Ballz and Pop Shotz. The new Nerf 2011 Super Soaker range will also be on hand.
Wind Designs is also sponsoring the Toy Demonstration Area in Hall five.

Richard Edward launched a brand of its own called Redwood Card in 2008. Since this time, the firm has bought to market products following the sustainable values of the brand promise - A better way to play - including Green Cards, the playing cards created using original illustrations and made from 100 per cent sustainable and recycled materials.

Redwood continues to build a stable of classic games, innovated through design, and manufactured with sustainable and ethical considerations.

Happy Families is a new, up to date version of the game with characters to reflect modern day life in which people can identify with, from Mrs Strike, the footballers wife to Master Law the Lawyers son. These are original, hand drawn illustrations and are produced using sustainable production methods and paper.

Redwood Cards also has a range of standard playing cards with a lower price point for more traditional card playing use. Featuring sustainable materials and UK production, Redwood playing cards are produced in a red or blue design and are individually packaged in their own tuck box.

Visitors have the chance to join the growing numbers of gift shops and suppliers around the UK and Europe which currently stock the products.

This time next year, Richard Edward will have a new product, so keep your eyes open for new projects on the horizon for Redwood Cards. The firm is also currently working towards a new offer, which will be disclosed nearer the time of launch.

Having achieved record sales over the last two years, Orchard Toys is looking forward to Spring Fair.
Orchard Toys managing director, Simon Newbery, comments: “We are thrilled at the way the company has performed over the last two years, and despite the continued economic uncertainty, we believe that this year is going to be even better.

“With an SRP for our children’s games, jigsaw puzzles and activities of between £4 and £15, we believe that we are ideally placed to have an even better share of the market this year.”

Along with existing lines, Shopping List and Insey Winsey Spider, this year’s Spring Fair stand will showcase new products such as the double-sided Little Puzzle range, as well as recently launched games Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Jack and Jill Game and the jigsaw puzzle The Animal Games. There are also seven new games and jigsaws, currently under wraps, to be launched at this year’s fairs.

2010 was another good year for Orchard Toys with Practical Pre-School Gold Awards for Round and Round and Fairy Tales, a Right Start Silver Award for Pop to the Shops and a Top Toys Gold Award for the Little Puzzle range, to name but a few.

Continues Simon Newbery, “Our commitment to put our customers needs first continues into 2011. I am happy to be able to say that at the time this publication went to press (November 2010) the footings for our new factory extension were already in place. When finished, in mid 2011, the new extension will add over 50 per cent to our factory capacity. The additional space will ensure that we pack and despatch orders even more efficiently.

Thanks to the support of retail partners and the popularity of the original BrainBox products, Green Board Games is naming BrainBox as the essence of its company.

The firm has rebranded all its products to reflect this change and will have the difference on display at the trade fairs this year.

The firm is also celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011.
New products on stands will include new BrainBoxes on subjects such as World History from the first Aboriginal settlers in Australia to the Moon Landing to the development of the internet. Olympian Sports traces the history of the Olympics, the events and athletes involved. An additional pack of 20 cards for the World BrainBox is also available.

Other new products include BrainLinks, a series of eight card games, which help children aged 11 and over learn about tricky subjects such as digestion and the solar system. An Elmer lotto game, the Double Brain Game, all the new family games from Mindware in the USA including Pick Mix and new range of Colour and Learn books can also be seen.

The Puppet Company designs and manufactures many different puppets, including finger puppets, hand puppets and large body puppets. Its collections incorporate domestic and wild animals, fairytale creatures, as well as many people puppets. All share the same attention to detail, quality fabrics and value for money. The firm is also the UK distributor for the Living Puppets collection.

Puppets are now highly regarded as a beneficial aid to support learning and language development of children of all ages and are used extensively in schools and early years settings as a valuable teaching aid. The Puppet Company’s puppets retail in a variety of outlets including toy shops, gift shops, zoos, theme parks and garden centres and its various price points enable good POS. More importantly, the puppets encourage creativity, performance, learning and play.

Hornby holds the licence to develop and market a range of products associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The firm was granted a licence by LOCOG to produce an extensive range of official London 2012 merchandise across its Corgi, Hornby, Scalextric and Airfix brands.

Frank Martin, Hornby chief executive said: “This is a great honour for Hornby and an important development for the group. We are delighted to have been granted a licence to develop a range of products linked to the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games - the world’s largest sporting event. We have some very exciting plans that we are developing with LOCOG to create official merchandise that will demonstrate the very best of London and the Games.”

Both Corgi and Hornby brands launched products into the market in 2010. Throughout 2011 further products will be launched that encapsulate the spirit and excitement of the event.

Retailers can look forward to a host of new ranges from The In Thing in 2011. The firm specialises in the distribution of the latest pocket money lines, the latest crazes. As it does every year, the firm will be attending Spring Fair with major lines like Gogo’s, Yu-Gi-Oh, Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Gelli Baff, Webkinz, Match Attax and many


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