Spin Master's Zoomer Dino gets thumbs up from ToyTesters.TV

The Zoomer Dino narrowly missed out on becoming the first toy to receive the highest Platinum award.
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Spin Master's Zoomer Dino is the latest toy to be reviewed by Toy Testers and has been awarded a gold medal.

The Zoomer Dino missed out on becoming the first toy to receive the highest Platinum award by just one mark, scoring 39 out of 40.

Toy Testers registered through the website, were invited to a studio and were asked to play with the interactive toy and give their thoughts on Zoomer Dino including what should come next in the range

“Zoomer Dino is the newest member of the Zoomer family," said Charlotte Jones, assistant brand manager at Spin Master.

"Our True Balance technology sets us apart and it’s great to see that the toy testers loved Dino as much as we do. We have huge marketing support running through to Christmas across the whole Zoomer range.”

During the testing session, children gave their thoughts on the product, described what features they liked most and suggested what could be improved. One Toy Tester commented that even though the toy wasn’t that easy to operate, she thought this was a credible product attribute as users would have to work out how to control the toy.

Suggestions for future products in the range from the testers were a Cheetah, Lion, Shark and Snake.

Gemma Gallagher, founder of ToyTesters.tv, added: “Our Toy Testers loved the toy and had great fun playing with him. It’s going to be interesting to see what children rate the highest in the battle of the big interactives this year.

"With such high marks, Zoomer Dino is going to be difficult to beat. It’s all in the hands of the children now. So watch this space to find out at our awards"

Check out the review of Zoomer Dino below:


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