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New racing game combines online gaming with the world of trading cards.
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Spin Master Toys is launching a new interactive racing game, which it claims is the first combination of online gaming with the world of collectible trading cards.

SwypeOut Online Battle Racing lets kids customise cars, attach weapons to them and then race against other players online.

At www.swypeout.com kids can compete to be the best battle racer and climb the leaderboards. The game is free for anyone to play online, but to get the full experience a digital upgrade card needs to be purchased to swipe through a special USB scanner.

The cards let users collect new cars and add powerful weapons and defences such as Tse Tse Swarm, Alien Abductor and Ice Blaster to their online games.

The range consists of two retail skus: the starter kit (£19.99) includes one USB Swipetech Scanner, five Digital Swypeout cards and one CD for game download, meanwhile upgrade packs contain six Digital SwypeOut cards featuring Weapons, Defences, Cars and Accessories (£7.99). In total there are over 72 digital upgrade cards to collect in Series 1.

Series 2 is due to follow next spring.


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