Spin Mania revealed by Drumond Park

New TV advertised game challenges kids to balance spinning discs in a time trial.
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In Spin Mania kids must ‘spin up’ three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, one at a time, on the motorised Spinning Machine.

Players are then challenged to safely place the spinning discs on their stands and race back to the Spinning Machine to stop the clock – before the discs stop spinning.

Before the game begins, players agree a playing area – which could be a specific room inside the house for example, or a defined area outside.

Before each player’s turn, the others take the three plate stands and secretly place them around the agreed playing area. So to be a winner at these game, players not only have to have steady hands, they also need eagle eyes and speed.

Spin Mania will be in the shops from August onwards, and will be TV advertised throughout the autumn.

It will also benefit from its own press, broadcast and website/social media PR and promotions campaign, running from September till Christmas.


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