SoccerStarz ready to score

Ex-Corinthian CEO Mark Stinchcombe revives the classic football figurine as a blind bag collectable.
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Collectable football figurines are set for a return this year.

The Creative Toys Company is due to launch SoccerStarz as a £1.99 blind bag collectable in July.

Players from Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal will be available at launch, with Manchester City, Tottenham and Barcelona following.

Mark Stinchcombe, head of the toy division at Creative, joined the firm shortly after Corinthian went into administration a year ago. He estimates that over 150 million figurines were sold under the Microstars brand and he has told ToyNews he would love to emulate that success with SoccerStarz.

Players from Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United will be in the initial roll-out.

The company will support the brand with an initial burst of TV advertising and top clubs will sample product at home matches.

After launch, Creative will focus on signing additional licences, making national teams a priority.

Explaining the move to a blind bag format, trading director Glenn Barnard said: “If you look at other collectables like Moshi Monsters, they all have that blind element.”

Stinchcombe added: “We’re going to be following up with blister packs, so later you will be able to go out and buy your Rooney.”

Creative will be following these up with blister packs, while there are also plans to extend the brand with play-sets, including stadiums. A SoccerStarz branded version of another ex-Corinthian toy, Slingers will also be launched.

Stinchcombe said: “We think this is going to be popular with football fans all over the world.”

Creative Toys: 020 8664 3484


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