Smartmax introduces new magnetic sets

My First: Safari Animals and My First: Animal Train are designed to encourage logical thinking and imaginative play for children.
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Smartmax has introduced two new magnetic play sets to its 'magnetic discovery' line, bolstering its construction toys offering with pre-school-friendly products.

My First: Safari Animals will introduce kids' favourite animals; crocodile, hippo, lion, rhino, elephant and giraffe. As the magnetic bars are interchangeable, an opportunity to mix up these well-known creatures is a great way to test their knowledge and understanding.

Designed to encourage logical thinking, as well as creativity and hand-eye coordination, the ‘My First: Animal Train’ set will enable your little one to build their very own train whilst gaining an understanding of magnetism. The design enables children of all ages to engage with the product, and allows them to build their own unique train in a multitude of ways. All parts are 3cm+ SmartMax to ensure the product is safe.

Each SmartMax magnetic bar features unique colour codes, the blue, green and purple bars attract while the warm colours of red, orange and yellow repel. The giant parts are ideal for young children and allow them to easily create colourful super-sized structures. The SmartMax range offers a whole universe of compatible building sets, vehicles and accessories for never ending play.



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