Shopping4Fans a "great opportunity" for toy licensees

Internet shopping club can provide an outlet for unsold licensed toys.
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A new internet shopping club for fans of brands reckons it can provide an outlet for toy companies’ unsold licensed product.

Shopping4Fans is a members-only website which plans to run online shopping events offering consumers up to 80 per cent off their favourite branded merchandise.
It’s a proven model which has been a success in other sectors, with Vente Privée being the best example in the fashion business. That website pushed its revenues past €1 billion this year.

“We’re addressing a major problem in the licensing industry,” said Patrick Ashworth, CEO of Shopping4Fans.
He went on to explain that currently there are next to no outlets available for unwanted, unsold licensed toys. Huge discounting is always a last resort – but this can devalue the reputation of brands and licensees. With

Shopping4Fans’ behind closed doors members-only setup, this is not a problem.

Ashworth commented: “By resorting to discounting, companies annoy their consumer base who are saying: ‘A month ago I bought this for full price, now it’s being sold for 75 per cent off.’

“It’s much better for them to sell with us than devaluing their brand. It is a very controlled distribution channel for toy companies with overstock,” he said.
Shopping4Fans: 020 3 544 3109


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