Seven Towns uncovers Rubik's fakes

Firm attends toy fairs in Hong Kong, London, Nuremberg and New York to identify illegal Rubik?s Cube copies.
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Working with local customs organisations in China, the UK, Germany and the US, the Seven Towns team ha identified over 20 companies offering counterfeit goods to buyers at the shows.

Their combined efforts meant that several companies were ejected from venues, and many more have been made to sign declarations of malpractice, with their illicit cubes removed.

David Hedley Jones, Seven Towns’ senior VP for the Rubik’s Brand commented: “For a number of years now, we have operated an ongoing strategy designed to stamp out all forms of counterfeiting of the iconic Rubik’s Cube.

“Brand enforcement is now a way of life for all owners of prestigious names and images of this nature, and in our case it is essential to attack both the manufacturing sources and the distribution mechanisms of the fake goods.

“We have excellent relationships with the customs authorities all over the world, whose operatives are always wonderfully co-operative. Both manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit Rubik’s look alikes should beware – they are being watched from all sides."

Over 500,000 fakes were seized by Customs authorities worldwide during 2009, and in March of this year, 175,000 fake cubes were caught in one shipment by German authorities.

In Europe, Italian, Hungarian and French courts have all recently upheld the Rubik’s trademarks owned by Seven Towns.

Hedley Jones continued: “We work closely with our official licensee partners in over 40 countries, to ensure that our mutual global protection and enforcement programmes are robust and co-ordinated.

"In this way we are safeguarding both our intellectual property and the creative development of the Rubik’s brand for future generations to experience and enjoy to the full."

If retailers or traders are offered what they think might be counterfeit Rubik’s Cubes, they should contact the Legal Department at Seven Towns, telephone 0207 727 5666, or email


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