SECTOR GUIDE: Outdoor toys

The outdoor and sports toys sector was worth £363m in 2011, up ten per cent thanks to some extremely mild weather and, unusually, enjoys two peak periods. We take a look at what some of the key players are promoting this year.
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Hasbro 020 8569 1234
With new additions across its N-Strike, Vortex and Super Soaker lines, as well as the introduction of the new Dart Tag range, Hasbro is aiming to boost the Nerf brand to the next level in 2012.
First up, and the Nerf N-Strike line has been bolstered with the addition of the glow in the dark N-Strike Rayven blaster. The motorised semi-automatic dart blaster with unique Firefly-inspired styling comes with an 18 dart Firefly Tech clip, which charges 18 glow in the dark darts. The Nerf N-Strike line also welcomes the Jolt Ex-1 blaster this year, which is micro-sized but comes with macro power.
Moving on, and both new and experienced Nerf Dart Tag players can get into the game right out of the box with starter sets complete with a blaster, jersey, darts and eyewear. The competitive blaster sport has one objective: tag or be tagged. New blasters include Speedswarm, a compact rapid-fire blaster with both full automatic and semi-automatic options; and Swarmfire, the first fully automatic Dart Tag blaster in the collection, which launches a stream of up to 20 darts.
The popular Nerf Vortex disc blasters will continue in 2012 with Vortex Praxis, Vortex Vigilon, Vortex Proton and Vortex Nitron, as well as the new Vortex Lumitron. The pump action blaster includes a ten-disc clip, the Tactical Rail System compatible with most Vortex and N-Strike accessories and ten glow discs.
Finally, Hasbro is adding to its Nerf Super Soaker line with the introduction of the Storm Series, featuring the Lightning Storm and Electrostorm water blasters. Each blaster in the series boasts innovative Power-Soak Technology, allowing for battery operated and fully automatic action without the need for pumping.

Re:creation 0118 973 6222
Razor was up a staggering 74 per cent for 2011 in the outdoor and sports category (source: NPD) and was up 98 per cent in December alone. However, with a solid portfolio of proven product, new innovation and marketing support, the firm believes that 2012 is set to be Razor’s strongest year yet.
Stunt scooter riding is the fastest growing extreme sport in the UK, with the new Pro Sport range being Razor’s answer to the popular new trend. A range of scooters are aimed at the eight+ age group (£89.99-£129.99), offering multiple colour variations and sporty hardware including the best ABEC bearings, riser bars with triple clamps and longer slimmer decks.
The range will be supported with TV advertising over Easter and in the peak of the autumn/winter season. 2011 UK Championship winners Team Razor will also be fronting Re:creation’s marketing programme with appearances across the UK. The Razor Global Domination Tour will be extending to hit ten venues in the summer, leading to the de-factor UK National Championships at the National Action Sports Show in July.
In addition, the Razor Electric scooter range is performing well. The E100 finished as the 16th best selling (value) toy in 2011 (source: NPD). July sees the launch of the Razor E90 (£129.99), bringing a new value price point.

MV Sports 0121 748 8000
MV has what it believes is its best ever outdoor line-up for 2012.
The firm’s pre-school wheeled offering is underpinned by the double act of the Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam licences. MV’s 2012 ranges have been enhanced with new feature driven scooters, trikes and ride-ons.
The Peppa Pig trikes, bikes and scooters now have pink and purple colour ways, while the new range of Octonauts wheeled toys, plus the Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Rastamouse lines will arrive in autumn/winter.
MV’s Team GB range of bikes, scooters and accessories is aiming to capitalise on the nation’s medal prospects in cycling. The range focuses on the Team GB signature graphics in red, white and blue and the official British Lion insignia.
Meanwhile, the firm’s older boys’ offering has been strengthened with a selection of licences. Led by Ben 10 and Star Wars, the line has been supplemented with ThunderCats (Sword of Omens scooter); Power Rangers Samurai (including the Samurizer scooter); and Transformers Prime (Transforming scooter and skateboard).
In addition, MV’s own branded wheeled range is attracting keen interest. The new Grow & Go line is focused on a parent-friendly combination of convertibility and re-configuration which allows each product to adapt to the child’s needs.
Ready Steady Ride is MV’s new line of wheeled toys offering quality and performance at a value price. The Stunted range is aimed at an older boy and includes products for beginners and experienced ‘stunters’, with a highlight being the Stunt Scooter XT.
Finally, the Kickmaster balls, goal and accessories line brings training home, while the outdoor play line, Hedstrom, has new larger multi-plays for 2012.

THUMBS UP 020 8839 8847
The inflatable kid-sized Roller Wheel has been designed with ‘roly poly’ fun in mind, according to Thumbs Up. Suitable for use indoors and out, the product is the perfect size for youngsters to climb through or roll around in.
Complete with a collection of colourful balls which bounce around as the wheel rotates, the toy is made from durable inflatable plastic. Thumbs Up also says that it helps children sharpen skills such as coordination, cooperative play, physical strength, visual and auditory stimulation among others. It also comes with a pump to make inflating easy.

Plum Products 0844 880 5301
Plum Products is introducing a number of new products.
The firm has extended its range of junior trampolines, which are available in a selection of brightly coloured decorative enclosures to inspire creative role-play. Plum has also expanded its premium trampoline range to include the Magnitude Trampoline and enclosure. Available in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft, the Magnitude trampolines offer children increased protection and safety with 3G enclosures and Tramp Klamp brackets.
A number of new sandpits have also been introduced this year. The company’s in-house design team has focused on play value, creating multi-purpose sand and water tables made from premium FSC certified timber.
Other products in Plum’s line-up include play centres, wooden swing sets, playhouses and kids’ furniture.

Marbel 01208 873123
The new Phlat Ball is a sports toy which transforms from a disk into a ball when it is thrown.
A three to ten-second time delay (suction cup) feature inside provides an element of surprise, as the thrower doesn’t know when the disk will transform. Materials vary across the ranges for added grip or better flight.
A variety of games can be played including Phunky Monkey. The opposite end players have to throw the Phlat ball as a disk to each other, over the monkeys’ heads, while the recipient has to wait for it to pop back into a ball before they can touch it. If it remains in a disk shape, the monkey team are able to intercept.

Maps Toys 01483 776006
The new Aeromax FirePower Super Soaking Waterhose and the Astronaut SpacePack Super Soaking Water Blaster aim to take water fights to a new level. Children can fire water up to 30 feet with the pump spray. Fill up the backpack, strap it on and it’s ready to go. Foes can be tricked as the product allows water to be squirted in different directions.
Meanwhile, Toobeez is a lifesize construction toy which connects together using interlocking plastic tubes and spheres. Toobeez contains 57 pieces, as well as four pieces of coloured fabric which can be used to cover tents, make flags, doors, etc. For construction on a smaller scale, EZ Fort is based on the spheres and tubes of Toobeez and can be used to build dens, forts, playhouses and more.

Kiddimoto 01749 871175
Kiddimotos are aimed at two to six year-olds. They don’t have pedals or brakes, letting the child control their own movements, developing important motor skills and teaching balance and coordination to help them progress to a bicycle without stabilisers.
Last summer, Kiddimoto launched the entry-level Kurve balance bike which features a three-position adjustable seat height.
All Kiddimoto balance bikes are constructed from high quality, recyclable natural birch plywood. The firm has also a range of cycle helmets, plus accessories such as gloves.

Tomy Europe 020 8722 7300
Tomy Europe continues to expand the Big Farm range with the introduction of two new sets and trailers.
The Land Rover and Horse Trailer (£34.99) sees Britains welcoming new equestrian items into its outdoor and indoor range. The set includes a classic green Land Rover Defender with lights, sounds, removable cab and tailgate detail. The Horse Trailer boasts an opening rear gate and side door, as well as horse and foal for realistic farm play.
Also launching in the spring is the Land Rover with General Purpose
Trailer set (£29.99). It includes an authentic red Land Rover with lights
and sounds, plus a General Purpose Trailer featuring a raising and lowering tailgate function.
The Horse Trailer and General Purpose Trailer are both available separately for £24.99 and £12.99 respectively. Both are hitch compatible with other products in the Britains line.

Esdevium 01420 593593
Esdevium has recently expanded its portfolio into a number of new categories, including outdoor toys.
The firm is now the master distributor to the UK toy trade for Petron’s ‘Fun’ range of children’s leisure products. The range includes the Archery Set, Blowpipe, Crossbow and Handbow.
The Archery Set comes with a shoot-through handle to fire three safety arrows at the target, while the Blowpipe is accurate over smaller distances and includes three safety darts. Both come with a target printed on the back of the packaging so users can practice their aim.
The Fun Crossbow has the look and feel of the real thing, firing safety darts over 12 metres with pinpoint accuracy, while the Handbow is a handheld version, which can shoot safety darts just over four metres.

Mookie/TP Toys 01525 722722
Last year, Mookie Toys launched the Pro Swingball – pitched as an alternative for those wanting a harder and longer game – and became its top selling outdoor game of the year, spearheading a leap towards the ten millionth purchase expected this year.
The achievement will be marketed with a Golden Ticket promotion, a Facebook competition, attendance at outdoor events and festivals, plus a PR campaign. 2012 will also see the arrival of a new desktop version, priced at £9.99. The game is based on the look and feel of Pro Swingball, in black and green. It comes with two bats and can be played in the same way as the original game.
In addition, following its acquisition of TP Toys, Mookie has been bolstered by an extensive range of climbing frames, trampolines, swings and slides, while new pre-school active toys are also launching this year. The SpiroBouncer (£49.99) is designed for two to five year-olds; the Bubble Bouncer (£39.95) is billed as a first trampoline; and the Bouncycle (£39.95) is a first ride-on bike which the child has to bounce up and down to move forward.

Kiddie Bikes 01892 512369
The online business sells lightweight yet robust ride-on trikes for pre-schoolers, which are designed to look like motorbikes.
The two fixed wheels at the back give extra stability, while the steerable front wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre. Kiddie Bikes aim to help children improve their balance, coordination and steering skills, while they are compact, easy to carry and designed for outdoor and indoor use.
Kiddie Bikes come in a range of colours and in two sizes: Kiddie Bike Mini for ages one to three, and Kiddie Bike Maxi for two to four year-olds.

Grossman 0141 613 2525
2012 sees the introduction of the Trail Twister scooter, which has a steerable front axle with two wheels for extra stability and one rear wheel. It also boasts a futuristic design and colour scheme.
The Torq Trekk has a smaller wheel and all round spin handlebar.
Grossman also has a number of new licensed products for 2012, with highlights including the Moshi Monsters Light Up Scooter. The two-wheeled scooter has an adjustable steering column, folds away for storage and transportation and has a friction activated light-up back wheel. Meanwhile, for girls, Grossman has a Victorious-branded scooter, while there is also a pop up stage.
The firm also has Ben 10, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and Spongebob scooters. Generic scooters in all styles and colours are available, along with My First Scooter – a cost effective chunky scooter that grows with the child, changing from four wheels, to a trike, to a two wheeled scooter.
The firm also offers a range of helmets and other safety gear, pogo sticks, tents, skipping ropes, skimmers and flying discs.

ATM Sports +353 (0) 818 333 490
This year sees ATM launch Yvolution, including ride-ons, scooters, balance bikes, go-karts and skateboards. Other products are also planned for launch.
The Balance line includes the Y-Pewi and Y-Bike, designed to improve balance, coordination and motor skills in kids from nine months old. The Movement range, which includes the Y-Fliker Baby line, helps enhance spatial awareness skills, while the Fun range includes the Y-Fliker man powered scooters. The three-wheeler is operated by the rider swaying from side to side to get moving and keep going.
The Yvolution stable also includes skateboards and the three-wheeled land surfing Y-Sharker board.

HTI 01253 775684
New for 2012, HTI has a line of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse wheeled toys, including the Helmet and Protection Set (which features Mickey’s ears on the helmet) and the Wide-Ride Scooter, with a Toodles front plaque. The firm is also launching a range of Minnie Mouse wheeled toys, with a number of items featuring Minnie’s BowTique style.
A new Tatty Teddy range of wheeled toys will complement HTI’s existing role-play, dolls pram and pushchairs offering, while the firm also has a line of Everything’s Rosie wheeled toys. These include a three-wheel scooter with bag, plus ten-inch and 12-inch bikes with Rosie’s hair tassels.
The Evo Flame Thrower Scooter is new for autumn/winter. The folding scooter features exhausts either side of the footplate and a pedal, which when pressed creates flame effects from the exhausts and engine sounds.
New to the Hello Kitty range is a Junior V-Flex scooter, which allows girls to scoot along without pushing off the ground and a Quad Bike, with handle bar steering and a 6V battery pack and charger. The full Hello Kitty range has been refreshed for 2012 with a new ‘Hello Hearts’ style guide which incorporates turquoise blue.
HTI also has wheeled and outdoor ranges based on Spider-man, Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Disney Fairies, Phineas and Ferb, Club Penguin, Handy Manny and JCB.

John Crane 01604 774949
The firm has introduced the On the Move collection, a line of stylish trolley cases which are just the right size for airline hand baggage. With three themes – the Liz Trolley (featuring Liz the Fairy), the Walter Trolley (Walter the Dinosaur) and the Josephine Trolley (featuring a caterpillar face) – all have roomy interiors, secure pockets, wheels and a pull-along handle.
John Crane has also launched school bags – the Arnold School Bag is a roomy satchel with secure zipped pockets, while Liz’s house forms the design for the Liz School Backpack.

Wham-O Europe 020 8568 6398
Wham-O’s outdoor range launches this month. The new Aqua Force range of water balloon blasters includes a variety of products. The Aqua Force Crossbow lets users fire water bombs up to 100 feet and includes 50 balloons, while the Aqua Force Blaster offers a quick fire water balloon blasting session. Also in the range are the Aqua Force Refill and Launch Battle Set, which comes with 100 balloons; the Aqua Force Slingshot and the Aqua Force Launcher.
The assorted Frisbee range begins from just 99 pence and goes up to £9.99, while the Hula Hoop line starts at £1.99 and goes up to £14.99.
Wham-O also has Superball in its portfolio; over 170,000 balls have been sold every day since launch. Hacky Sack and the original water slide, Slip N Slide complete Wham-O’s offering.

Vivid Imaginations 01483 449944
Following the success of 3D Outdoor Chalk (£4.99), Crayola is now introducing the 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Kit (£8.99). The kit includes stencils and a how-to book for added guidance and inspiration. Simply put on the pair of glasses for 3D effects and rotate the dial to get the new kaleidoscope effect. Also new is the Sidewalk Chalk Playpack (£9.99), which is an all-in-one outdoor play-set packed in a reusable bag.
Vivid also has the VX Shark (£64.99) in its portfolio. The next generation micro scooter combines bike and scooter play, with more than six ways to ride. It features a platform seat, front and back foot pegs and neon styling.

DKL 01604 678780
Miniland’s range of plastic vehicles are designed for playing in sand and gravel. All are robust, easy to handle and feature functioning arms and shovels.
The Ride-On Monster Truck features a tipper which, when lifted up, creates space for a child to sit and push themselves along. The Super Tractor and Trailer is a large push-along toy, which features a loading arm and trailer which can be detached and doubles as a wheel barrow. The Tractor and Digger is a farm tractor with loaders on the front and back.
New for 2012, Miniland’s Garden Kit features pots, trowels, watering can and spade all in a bucket. The range of sand and water toys includes a bucket, spade, rake, sieve, trowel and shovel.
Mic.o.mic is continuing to sell well, with its Build and Play vehicles ideal for outdoor use once built. The durable parts mean the toys can be played with outside, and the Small Boat and Sailing Boat are designed to float on water. The Big Breakdown Crane and Tractor can be made and taken apart over and over.

Spin Master 01628 535000
The Air Hogs property grew 31 per cent in 2011 (NPD EPOS Full Year 2011), driven by strong second year sales of Vectron Wave, which remained the UK’s best selling R/C toy.
A range of new products will be available this spring. Blast off and then parachute down with the new low priced Parachute Booster, a two in one slingshot rocket, which soars up to 100 feet in the air, ejecting the paratrooper at its apex.
Meanwhile, Wind Flyers are quick charge planes which require no remote. The flight time matches the charge time – users can fly the planes for a maximum of 90 seconds on a single charge of
the battery.
In autumn 2012, the firm will look to continue growth for Air Hogs with new products, supported by TV campaigns.

Worlds Apart 0800 389 8591
Encouraging children to engage in role-play, while promoting physical activity, the new Nerf Blockades range is suitable from six years, and features the Nerf Single Blockade, Double Blockade and Pop Up Combat Shelter.
Perfect for kids to extend the play of their existing Nerf guns, the Blockade structures allow children to act out role-play scenes. For added play value, they can be combined with other sets in the range.
Single and double Blockades feature an ammunition pocket and rods, holes to aim through and each one also features ground pegs.
Completing the line, the Nerf Pop Up Combat Shelter has three targets, ammunition pocket and rods, plus holes to spy through and aim at targets.

John Adams 01480 414361
John Adams is expanding its spring/summer outdoor range with Ballzoons – wackable, bounceable, squishable, kickable toys, which can also be filled with water. A cross between a ball and a balloon, Ballzoons comes in two sizes – huge (23cm) and mega (46cm).
The 23cm Ballzoons inflate to 800 per cent of their original size and come in a variety of styles including Battered Tennis Ball, Funky Basketball and Startled Soccer Ball. The 46cm versions expand to 2,500 per cent of their original size and come in a Bashful Beachball style. The range will be supported by TV ads in the spring.
The firm is also expanding its Intex underwater play toys with Underwater Play Sticks. Made of soft material, the brightly coloured sticks stand upright on the bottom of the pool. Five sticks are in each set in five colours.
Finally, Toss n Spin is a pool game, which consists of three inflatable ring hoop targets and three inflatable discs to throw through the hoops.

Bigjigs 01303 250400
This year, Bijigs will be offering an extended range of ecologically exciting toys from its Twigz collection, which focus on developing a love of gardening and the environment in children.
All Twigz products are specifically designed for practical use in the garden, promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing a child’s understanding of how the world works around us.
New additions for 2012 include the Mini Greenhouse, where children and adults can watch their seeds and cuttings grow in a protected greenhouse casing and, once ready, move them into the garden for them to flourish into plants, vegetables or flowers.
On top of this, with the addition of Green Toys, Bigjigs is aiming to become an ambassador for environmentally friendly play.

Interplay 01628 488344
The My Living World collection includes a wide variety of outdoor products.
Bug Safari comes with naturalist tools and instructions to help children observe creatures safely. It also explains some of the most common types of bugs that are found in gardens, parks and the countryside. Bug Safari comes with a field lens, but if closer inspection is required then Interplay’s Illuminated Pocket Microscope can magnify 30 times. Meanwhile, the Field Binoculars have 6x magnification.
In addition, Ant World is still a top seller for the company.

Brainstorm 01200 445113
Brainstorm has added the Eureka Toys Outdoor Adventure range of products to its collection.
The handheld Outdoor Adventure Microscope has 20x to 40x magnification, built-in illumination and a lanyard. Children are also encouraged to uncover a secret code hidden on the packaging to enter an online prize draw.
The Outdoor Adventure Binoculars are pocket sizes and have 4x magnification and 30mm glass lenses. They also have soft, adjustable eye pieces and a rubberised trim for non slip grip, plus a built-in compass for additional navigation. Finally, the Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch has two LED bulbs.
The Original Flying Bird from Eureka Toys flies by flapping its tear-proof wings up to 50 metres. Simply turn the handle, lift the tail and adjust the angle to achieve the desired flight direction, enabling the bird to climb and turn. Finally, press the switch and once the wings begin to flap launch the bird into the air and watch it fly.

Great Gizmos 01293 543221
Great Gizmos’ Mini Tractor and Trailer is a robust ride-on, which is built from red steel and has a large comfortable seat and steering wheel.
The spacious trailer is also ideal for children to store and transport their favourite toys.
Also available from Great Gizmos are the Classic Pedal Cars and the Speedster range.
There are a number of different designs for children to choose from and the products are designed to cater for ages one up to seven.

Kids@Play 01291 635551
Kids@Play has introduced the My First Play Centre. It features a robust swing with three-piece strap, plus a drop-off and land pad made from blow moulded plastic. As well as the swing, the centre also includes side steps and a
climbing frame.
The product has been tested to the latest EN71 part eight regulations, and it also passes all the other essential
safety requirements.

Haba 0161 304 9555
The new Sand-mud Workshop ‘table’ has sections to contain sand and water, and comes with watering can, funnel, sieve, trowel and a mould. It can be turned over to turn into a water landscape with lakes and mountains, which can combine with Haba’s Water Park.
Meanwhile, the Start Set Archimedean Screw contains tracks and struts. The device, combined with the water park tracks, makes a closed water circuit, so water will flow continuously. The struts allos water to run above small valleys or construct a descent down to a flat area.

F4K 0845 658 8868
F4K is the trade retail division of e-commerce site Fun4Kids, stocking both indoor and outdoor lines.
The Tiny Bike (£49.95) is a small and light balance bike for children aged two to four. Available in seven colours, it is designed to get children started and give them confidence at an early age: balance, steering and coordination are all gained much faster without the use of stabilizers.
The Tiny Bike has a robust steel construction, with adjustable soft seat and soft grip handle bars. The wheels contain bearings to help increase momentum and are extra wide with a cushioned rubber tyre.
Meanwhile, the Hobby-Bike (£99.99) is a balance bike which can convert to a pedal bike with pedals and chain. It is available in three colours and is aimed at two and a half to five year-olds.

Little Tikes 01908 268480
The firm’s 2012 range features a new set of inflatable bouncers and a collection of wooden play-sets, slides, climbers, playhouses and ride-ons.
The Jump n Slide offers a large bounce area and a wide slide out of the inflatable, while the Double Jump n Slide also includes a rock climbing wall entrance and inward slide.
For smaller gardens, the firm has the 8x8 Bouncer, while the Slam n Curve Slide includes a rock climbing wall, water jets and a slide leading into a splash pool.
Meanwhile, the wooden play-sets include Buckingham Climber, Slide with Sandbox and the Richmond Treehouse Play System, while swing sets in various sizes include the Hamburg with platform, slide, swing seats and disk swing, plus the Riga with swings and rope ladder.
In terms of ride-ons, Little Tikes now offers the 3-in-1 Trike with Discover Sounds Dashboard. The Cozy Truck has chunky wheels and drop down tailgate.

Brookite 01837 53315
Brookite is launching a host of new kites and outdoor toys this year – in fact there are over 50 new products.
The Bugz range has four single line kites – Spider, Snail, Ladybird and Bee – while the Safari kites will include Lion, Tiger, Elephant and Giraffe. A Chinese Dragon has also been added due to popular demand.
The Windthings range continues to grow with the addition of five new windsocks. The firm also has Union Jack design hot air balloons and
windsocks to tie in with celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.
Also available this year is a new range of The Amazing Spider-man merchandise, which has been produced specifically for the launch of the new film this summer. The line includes kites, stomp rockets, boomerangs, parachuters, flying webs and foam planes, all featuring Spider-man.

Playmobil 01268 548111
Playmobil has a number of floating toys available for outdoor play.
Available now, the Harbour Ferry with Pier can change any paddling pool into the seaside. The Harbour Ferry is large enough to take any Playmobil vehicle across the water, from motorbikes and bicycles to cars and fire engines.
There are also an array of water sports including a fishing boat, kayak and catamaran with dolphins. The Harbour Police, meanwhile, have their own speed boat along with a lockable jail cell included in the land-based police station.
Launching in May, The Pirates range includes a Pirate Ship – which won a Best New Toy Award for Action Figures/Accessories at Toy Fair – including a crew, cannon and plank, plus a rowboat to get to shore.

BBTradesales 01494 765626
The firm says its new Dash II Radio Controlled Boat and mega water launcher, Aquapod, will make children feel like the ‘James Bond of the pond’.
Dash II (£59.99) has a stylish red, black and white speedboat design and top speeds of 20 km/h. In-built safety systems also make the boat safe for little hands as the motor stops immediately once it is removed from
the water.
Meanwhile, the Aquapod (£24.99) water launcher will have children propelling two litre bottles of water up to 100 feet in the air.

IMC Toys 01904 720908
IMC Toys has a range of walkie talkies including over 100 different models.
The walkie talkies allow kids to keep in touch indoors or outdoors. They can speak by pressing the talk button while the other user is listening. They include a belt clip and a flexible antenna.
IMC has over 15 different models featuring Disney Princess, Spider-man, Cars, Dora the Explorer and more.

Fiesta Crafts 020 8804 0563
Skipping Pals combine soft toy handles with character faces and candy striped ropes, with the aim of bringing a new level of fun to skipping rope games, as well as improving health and fitness.
There are six colourful handle characters in the range: Rabbit, Duck, Monkey, Ladybird, Fairy and Pirate, all aimed at children aged three and up.

Garden Games 01865 391060
Garden Games is launching the Camouflage Wigwam Play Tent, aimed at young adventure enthusiasts. Wooden poles keep the wigwam stable and secure, while the peep hole door lets children keep an eye out for intruders. The waterproof nylon fabric also has a PVC coating, meaning the wigwam can be used in all weathers.
The structure is identical to the firm’s standard wigwam, using plastic connectors to attach the six wooden poles (which stand at 1.9m tall).

Halilit 01254 872454
Brik-a-Blok is a modular construction system that allows kids to use their imagination to build a play house, fort, castle or other play area, indoors or outdoors. Easy to connect primary coloured polymer panels come in a choice of two sets: 26 or 46 in each.
Judith Stark, Halilit’s MD, commented: “We were very excited to launch Brik-a-Blok in the UK. It has proved to be very popular in its home country of Canada, where it is used by families and schools, and it has been great to see children in the UK playing with it.”
The product picked up a Silver Award at the 2011 Practical Pre-school Awards.



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