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We take a look at the latest offerings in the boys market...
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Bandai 08456 028782

For Ben 10, there are new product based on the current Ultimate Alien series, and top-performing SKUs from the original Ben 10 line are being re-introduced. All products are in refreshed packaging.

Key lines include the 10cm figures and 15cm figures. The Omnitrix FX is back, along with Grandpa Max’s Alien Lab Play-set. The vehicle opens up into an alien lab where kids can create alien figures with reusable clay.

The Ben 10: Omniverse range will launch in October. New figure assortments will be available, as well as 15cm figures which include sound. The figures link-up and work with the Omnitrix Touch. Rook’s Truck won Best New Toys in the Action Figures/Accessories category at Toy Fair this year. Rook is Ben’s mentor and it transforms from truck to alien ship. New for Ben 10 are Mini Play-sets and Ben’s Plumber Base Play-set.

In July, the Power Rangers Super Samurai toy range will ship, following the launch of the new series on Nickelodeon. Key assortments will be refreshed in 10cm and 16cm figures during spring/summer with TV advertising. Key items include action figures,
Zord Vehicles, Megazords and role-play items including the Black Box Morpher, Power Ranger Masks, Samurai Spin Sword and Shogun Buckle.

The ThunderCats range launched in December and entered at number ten in the Boys Action Category for January (NPD). The Thunder Tank and Deluxe Sword of Omens are proving to be strong along with other items in the range which will be TV advertised in 2012. New for autumn/winter is Lion-O’s Deluxe Claw Shield.

Mattel 01628 500 000

Mattel has two out of the top five action figure properties for 2011 (NPD Data Total Manufacturer December 2011).
It’s most definitely The Year Of The Bat. Building on 47 per cent growth in 2011, Mattel will unveil its biggest ever Batman portfolio with toys aimed at all ages.

With the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises hitting cinema screens in July, Mattel’s movie-based toy line is aimed at older boys, while for boys aged four plus, there’s the Power Attack assortment of action figures, vehicles and accessories. Stand out item the Power Attack Batmobile is the largest ever Bat-vehicle for a six-inch figure which features transformations and firing projectiles.

There will also be a raft of pre-school toys including the super-size Imaginext Batcave, which drove double-digit growth across the Imaginext range in 2011.

Mattel’s WWE range for 2012 includes the super-size WWE Brawlin’ Buddies plush characters which feature fighting sounds and signature phrases.

Also new for autumn is the WWE High Flying Fury play-set, which lets fans recreate the action of a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match as WWE FlexForce figures launch into the air flying through breakable ladders, tables and chairs. Plus there are new additions to the popular WWE Rumblers line with the WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Ring.

And, with lots planned to celebrate Disney/Pixar’s 25th anniversary in 2012, things look set to hot up for Toy Story. New content launching in the summer brings to life Rex the toy dinosaur and Mattel will launch a new item – the Roarin’ Rex 12-inch figure. Rex's personality comes to life with erratic arm movements and more than ten authentic Rex sounds.

There’s also a new Buzz Lightyear action figure landing in autumn. Interactive Flight Control Buzz features motion sensors so it can detect if it’s on the ground or in the air. Plus it has a working laser, lights and sounds and says signature Buzz phrases.

Lego 01753 495 000

Lego Ninjago continues to offer two distinct play patterns: play theme and spinners. 2012 showcases an extension of the ninja storyline. The Epic Dragon Battle has been highlighted as a Christmas must-have.
Lego City themes and product launches include classic, expandable play themes like Forest Fire and Police; Mining; and a Great Vehicles concept.

Lego Dino was a new play theme for 2011. From T-Rex to flying Pteranodons, the fantasy adventure range features seven sets including the Dino Defense HQ play-set.
The Minifigures range will see three launches throughout 2012. 

Hero Factory now boasts more characters and improved versions of models.

Lego Star Wars highlights include the six new planets which include a planet, vehicle and minifigure; vehicles such as the Sith Fury-class Interceptor and models from the classic Star Wars films including the X-Wing Starfighter and TIE Fighter.

The partnership between Lego and DC Comics and Marvel has seen the unveiling of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and The Avengers lines. Lego Super Heroes is a new range of conflict play theme sets and buildable action figures offering characters and scenes from both the DC and Marvel super hero universe. Each of the sets contains unique minifigures and within each of the larger DC sets is a Lego comic book. 

Technic caters for older boys delivering vehicles with authentic features and functions. 2012 sees the introduction of hero models like the 4x4 Crawler, Helicopter; low-priced items the Mini Tow Truck and mid-priced Quad Bike.

Buildable versions of Cars characters continue. Cars themed construction sets are available in Lego and Lego Duplo.

Spin Master 01628 535 000

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, the fifth year of the boys action brand, introduces the first die-cast Bakugan and transforming action figures in the form of Mechtogan and Mechtogan Titans. 

Also new is the Launch Pod for adding directional spin to refreshed Bakugan SkyRaiders. A new development in Marvel versus Bakugan (late spring), is a twin pack with Bakugan characters going into battle against Marvel figures.

Autumn sees the addition of the disc firing Baku Blasters, transforming Battle Suits and the Dragonoid Destroyer.
Redakai features Blast3D technology that brings characters to life like never before and innovative stackable game play showing the impact of each move.

The Redakai product range includes a Starter set for basic game play, booster packs containing additional X-Drive cards including rare and super rare, and a Dual pack for two player gaming. For more advanced gamers, the Structure Deck provides a tournament-ready deck of X-Drives, while the Championship set includes 44 X-Drive cards along with accessories including battlefield, card screen and Kairu energy counter. 

New in Tech Deck is the Long board series of performance board, available in May. Triple Street Set is a park with multiple configurations that users can skate their way, new assortment of sk8parks and Tony Hawk Big Ramps. Spin Master will be adding a brand new sticky grip tape to core board SKUs from spring which helps fingers ‘stick’ to the board more easily. 

X-Concepts Tony Hawk Grind Krew is a collection of three play-sets featuring a miniature motorised Tony Hawk. The Tony Hawk Grind Krew Battle Pack features two interacting Tony Hawk characters on motorised skateboards.

X-Concepts Flick Trix Bikes and Bike Shop offer new and refreshed finger bikes bringing together licences like Haro, Hoffman Bikes, Mirraco, Mongoose, Fit, Diamondback and more. The miniature BMX bikes, realistically replicated with working parts can perform back flips, 360s and tail whips.

Hasbro 020 8569 1234

Beyblade products for spring/summer include Metal Masters Battle Top and Face Off Assortments, featuring cast metal fusion wheels and tips designed for defence, attack, balance or stamina, allowing players to design and create the ideal top for any battle. Each Metal Master Beystadium Assortments arena offers unique sizes, designs and slopes. 

The new Extreme Top System, features Electro Battlers, Tornado Battlers and Stealth Battler Tops, with a unique weapon attack. Coming in autumn, Beyblade will introduce the Metal Fury line, including the new Metal Fury Destroyer Dome set, featuring a sphere design for 360 degrees of mid-air battles. 

The Transformers line is expanding with Transformers Prime-styled figures based on the TV series. The Prime Robots In Disguise action figures are in Deluxe and Voyager scale as well as new Weaponizer scale. The Transformers Prime Weaponizers Assortment includes weapon reveals in robot and vehicle mode, as well as lights. Also available are Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise Role Play toys.

Also new are Transformers Bot Shots, providing kids with a new way to battle with Transformers which automatically convert when crashed together.

The Transformers Cyberverse action figure expression, introduced for the first time in 2011, is created in a collectable small scale and features easier robot-to-vehicle conversion than its larger counterparts in the Robots In Disguise line. In 2012, the Cyberverse line will be available in the style of the hit animated series Transformers Prime from Hasbro Studios, including Optimus Maximus. Also available is a Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Assortment. 

The Nerf N-Strike Rayven blaster is a motorised semi-automatic dart blaster with an 18-dart Firefly Tech clip, which charges glow-in-the-dark darts. Jolt Ex-1 blaster is also new. In Nerf Dart Tag a new starter set includes blaster, jersey, darts, and eyewear. New blasters include Speedswarm, a compact rapid-fire blaster and Swarmfire, the first fully automatic Dart Tag blaster, which launches up to 20 darts.

New to Vortex disc blasters is Vortex Lumitron, with glow in the dark discs.

The Storm Series is being added to the Nerf Super Soaker range, with the battery operated Lightning Storm and Electrostorm water blasters.

Jakks Pacific 01344 683900

Scatterbrainz are a new range of sticky deranged darts. Each dart is themed as a zombie with an exposed sticky brain.

Power Trains are a new line of quality, motorised authentic looking trains, positioned at a low price-point. It’s an integrated line of trains, tracks and accessory sets.

New in Spy Net is the Night Vision Video Watch and Spy Video Sun Glasses, backed up with a website to upload and download content.

Max Force is a brand of toy shooters that safely delivers maximum distance and accuracy up to 100-feet and allows children to see what they have hit.

Club Penguin rolls out a new blind bags range, now you can collect miniature Penguins, Puffles with a virtual Coin at very low price points.

TNA Wrestling is creating havoc and exploding the ratings on Challenge TV and Jakks has a full range of action figures and ring play-sets, including the likes of Hulk Hogan.

Men In Black action figures launch in April, to coincide with the May 25th 3D theatrical release. The range embraces ‘transformation’ of the weapons from the movie. Each action figure comes with a transforming alien blaster to vehicle accessory.

Action Shot Camera is the ultimate point-of-view video system for Action Sports and Play. Mount it to your helmet, skateboard or bike. It captures video to play back or upload online. Get attachments for high impact protection and waterproofing.

Vivid 01483 449944

Autumn/winter will see the Gyro-Botz range extend to include a further six new characters with a ‘fright’ night theme, each of the characters have a translucent finish allowing kids to see the internal gyro in action.

Gyro-Botz with Lights illuminate battles, when ripped, their eyes light up. There are six characters to collect.
The Gyro-Botz Twin Pack with Weapons includes two Gyro-Botz and four clip on weapons. The Deluxe Battle Arena comes complete with two exclusive Gyro-Botz characters, stickers and Gyro-pods.

Launching before the December 14th theatrical release of the first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the toy line will include mini collectable figures, basic action figures, adventure packs, beast packs, play-sets and collector figures. 

Fans can also re-enact Bilbo and friends’ daring deeds with the role-play range including a Dwarven Battle Axe and a Deluxe Sting Sword featuring a blue glow. A wider range will be introduced for the second film.

The Smasha-Ballz are invading this autumn/winter. The monsters make gross sounds upon impact. The more they are smashed the crazier they become. There are three characters – Ninjaaah; Marzian and Gooba.

Mega Brands 01844 350033

Autumn/winter sees the launch of the World of Warcraft construction line. The Faction Pack Assortment features articulated figurines. The Mount Assortment features figures with customisable armour sets and The Barren Lands Chase includes one Horde character and one Alliance character.

Arthas and Sindragosa has an Arthas figure equipped with Frostmourne sword and armour, frozen throne and poseable dragon. The Horde Siege Engine Attack is a battle scene including launchers, a minion and a Human Warlock figure. The Goblin Zepplin is a Horde flying ship.

The Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault, includes the Stormwind Castle, Alliance leader and a Deathwing dragon. 

In Halo, new characters join Micro Action Figure Series 6, Armoury Packs and Combat Unit 8. New vehicles available. The new Halo Universe action die-cast line features Halo vehicles and characters. 

The Need for Speed Build and Collect Assortment consists of eight 1:55 scale cars including the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. The Build and Customise Assortment includes five 1:38 scale cars and the new Lamborghini Reventon and Ford Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Need for Speed Edition. Also added is the Audi R8 Custom Pursuit Pack, a Custom Garage and Custom Rig. 

The Power Rangers Super Samurai line in Q4 has Micro Action Figures Series 3, Hero packs, Pocket Racers, 2-in-1 Zords, Claw Battlezord vs. Giant Mooger, Blue Ranger Showdown, Claw Armour Megazord and Samurai HQ Battle.

Paul Lamond 0207 284 0100

Subbuteo, the iconic table football game, is back.
The new Subbuteo range features improved detail, officially licensed Premier League teams and strong, flexible new players. There’s also an improved pitch surface so player pieces can glide more quickly. 

As well as being available in an extended range of colour strips, football fans can see some of their favourite teams on the pitch for the first time, thanks to a strong range of officially licensed Premier League Clubs. Teams include Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool and England, Scotland and Ireland national teams.

Paul Lamond Games has also launched a large range of accessories including a referee set, replacement balls, goal set, fences and a pitch set with many more to come over the next two years.

Other top-selling boys’ games from include Chimp and Zee’s Pesky Pirates, Dodge the Dino and the Tyrannosaurus Rex board game, which features 17 different dinosaurs.

Top selling boys licences include the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Board Game and card game and a full range of Scooby-Doo games and puzzles.

Bigjigs 01303 250400

The City Road & Railway Set from Bigjigs Toys has accessories and interactive features. A new design on a classic boys toy, it comes as part of the Road & Rail Link range, with a fully operational roadway and train set making a mega-set of 108 pieces. 

The play-set is designed to improve hand-eye co-ordination, vocabulary and problem solving skills.
With an increasing collection of items available within the Road and Rail ranges, such as the Farm Yard Crossing, Signal Box and Clickety Clack Bridge, kids can expand their collection, creating unlimited play opportunities as their play scene develops. Look out for the Rural Road & Rail set and many more product launches from Bigjigs Toys in 2012.

Flair 0208 643 0320

Central to the new Monsuno collection is Monsuno Core – the collectable capsule has a spinning action and a Monsuno monster concealed within. On impact, the Core launches its Monsuno monster. Each Monsuno Core has collector numbering and a special game card. The Monsuno Wild Core is driven by motorised power for up to 20 minutes of continuous spin.

Accessories include the Monsuno Strike Launcher and the Monsuno Auto Strike Multi Launcher, along with a range of role-play items, including the Monsuno Stock Clip, Battle Bandolier and the Strike Glove. 

Each squidgy Trash Pack character is sold in a trash bin, with play-sets expanding the play, including the spring/summer hero line, the Trashie Garbage Truck.

Moving into autumn/winter, the Street Sweeper and the hero Scum Drum Play-set include ultra-rare Astro Trashies.

2012 will also see the launch of Huntik with minifigures, battling figures and role-play products in autumn/winter.
Morbs will continue to grow with new figures and play-sets, while Zibits will get new play-sets.

Golden Bear 01952 608 308

Golden Bear’s new boys’ brand, Go Mini, brings four ranges and 17 cars to collect.

Go Mini Crew–zers have five styles to choose from and are the entry-level purchase, displayed in a CDU. 

There are six Go Mini Stunt Racers, each with two modes – race and stunt and each has a different trick. The Go Mini Freestylers have quirky features – Beats comes with a sound box while Bulldog has a Union Jack decoration and a Bulldog with his head through the pop-up roof. 

My 1st JCB will see new vehicles for 2012 plus two multi-featured play-sets including the ‘On Site’ Charlie Crane set. Charlie Crane picks up barrels with his giant claw and drops them down the shoot. There’s also a giant turntable to help Joey JCB manoeuvre into position.

The ‘On Site’ Rock Loader Set can be combined with Charlie Crane Play-set.

Flying Toys 01702 295 110

The iPhone controlled Ferrari Enzo has proportional steering, a fully functional suspension, realistic sound effects and a range of ten metres indoors or outside, plus 30 minutes continuous operation from a fresh set of four alkaline batteries.

Additional features for the car include working headlamps, tail and brake lights, indicators and hazard warning lights.

The distinctive on-screen Ferrari dashboard offers full gesture and virtual joystick control options, a collision sensor, battery power indicator, and provides vibration through an iPhone when you perform extreme manoeuvres.

The car requires an iPhone or similar iOS device for operation. Download the Silverlit App free from the App Store. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPad 1 & 2, iPod Touch 3 and 4.

IMC 01904 720 908

Under the Amazing Spider-Man licence, IMC Toys has developed a range of products. In the play-sets category, targeting a lower price range, there is the helicopter, which transforms into a mini city with its own secret tunnel.

Also available is the Spider Car and the Spider Play-set Truck. Inside the truck is a mini version of Manhattan city with many functions. Its cockpit and winch are removable and when opened, the trailer kids discover buildings, bridges and more decorations. It has a customised play area with all the villains and Spider-Man included. Including four vehicles and one helicopter.

Also available is the Rescue Helicopter. A flying outdoor helicopter with spring loaded launcher.

Jumbo 01707 289289

Jumbo Games is strengthening its position in the pre-teen boys market with new products for its puzzles and games portfolio.

A key focus is the launch of the new Stratego board game. The classic iconic battlefield game has been reworked with fresh, modern artwork to depict a new futuristic theme. 

In the head-to-head strategy game, players command an army of soldiers, machines, scouts and miners and devise a plan to break through their opponent’s line; but players still need to beware of bombs and enemy spies. Stratego has an recommended price of £14.99 and will be available from August. 

The game has also been launched online through The online multiplayer experience will be available in three game plays: Original, Sci-fi and Kings and Wizards. 

Online gamers will also be able to purchase new powers and character abilities to enhance game play.

In addition, Jumbo will be launching a range of games and puzzles for the hit cult TV series ThunderCats – including a Glow in the Dark Puzzle (£6.99, 100-pieces), Puzzle-A-Round (£12.99, 108-pieces) and a 2 in a Box Puzzle (£6.99, 2 x 70 pieces). All of which are set to hit stores this spring/summer with a Battle for the Lair Game (£9.99) planned for autumn/winter.

Brainstorm 01200 445113 

Brainstorm is distributing the Slimy pocket money range of products. Slimy is a colourful, slippery compound which can make rude sounds. Choose from six different lines, including original pots, Mega Elastic, Volcano including bonus dinosaur with 12 to collect, T-Rex Tooth and more.

The Eureka Toys Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector transforms bedrooms into a planetarium. With two domes, the planetarium projects constellations onto surfaces. It’s also a slide projector and has 24-colour NASA and Hubble Telescope images to project.

The Eureka Toys R/C Illuminated Moon is a moonscape which shines moonlight. Operated by remote-control, users can scroll through 12 illuminated lunar phases.
For observing the eight rotating planets as they orbit the light-up sun, there is the Eureka Toys R/C Illuminated Solar System.

The Outdoor Adventure Microscope is part of the Eureka Toys Outdoor Adventure range. The microscope has 20x to 40x magnification, built in illumination and a lanyard. Designed for observing wildlife, the Outdoor Adventure Binoculars are pocket-sized with 4x magnification and built in compass. The pocket-sized Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch has two LED bulbs and a hand crank in order to generate the power.

DKL 01604 678780

Hama offers a wide array of boy targeted sets like the large Construction Vehicles, containing approximately 4,000 beads. Bead supports are also included, enabling the finished product to stand up. Alongside this kit is the Trucks large box set, allowing children to make up to four trucks. For more of a challenge Hama offers a Robot making box set. 

For the Hama novice, Large Blister Pack assortments offer dragon and transport designs. Within the hanging box set range is the Emergency Squad kit with 2,000 beads. In licences, the Disney Cars 2 Blister pack is new for 2012.

Meanwhile, Mic.o.Mic lets children build and play. The toys are made from strong, textured high quality plastic. Vehicles are made up of bold primary coloured parts and are assembled by connecting small clips and pins by using the provided tool. Children from three years plus can enjoy constructing Mic.o.Mic’s toys. 

Boy appropriate models include a Motor Scooter, a Racing Car and a floating Sailing Boat. The Chopper is currently the bestselling item in the range. New for May is the Jet Plane A380, an updated model on the original Jet Plane.

Imagination Games 01270 619100

Imagination Games has a number of product launches to complement its established portfolio. 

These include Deadly 60 and Top Gear Ruckus – fast paced, low price-point card games for boys. The game is simply: ‘see it, match it, steal it.’ 

With its frenetic pace, the card game delivers energetic play for boys. The faster you are, the quicker you win.
In autumn/winter Imagination launches its Match of the Day Trivia Box – the trivia game which tests knowledge of all things football. 

The game sees opponents pit their wits against each other in knock out trivia play and is competitively priced to sell in autumn/winter.

Burping Burt is a plush monster with a bit of a naughty side, when he burps, parps, hiccups and sneezes. Kids must guess what sound Burt is going to make next. 

Cards are matched to the sounds with the aim of losing all your cards first. There are three games to play. 

MV Sports 0121 748 8000

In pre-school, MV’s Thomas & Friends line sees the introduction of several new feature driven lines, such as the Whistle ‘n’ Ride Tri-scooter, which has sounds and integral lights activated by a whistle. 

In the Fireman Sam range, MV is introducing a battery powered Jupiter Ride-on. This fire engine has a siren and flashing lights.

The introduction of brands such as Mike the Knight, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Rastamouse will provide support for the boys sector. 

Leading the pack in the older boy line-up are Ben 10 and Star Wars. The Star Wars range features Darth Maul graphics and products such as the light-up skateboard. 

In ThunderCats, MV brings the Sword of Omens Scooter, while the new Power Rangers Samurai series has resulted in strong interest with products like the Samurizer Scooter. 

MV is also rolling out a range based on the Transformers Prime series, with new products such as the Transforming Scooter/Skateboard.

MV also has a range of The Avengers wheeled toys.
Picking up on the stunting craze, is MV’s Street Sports range ‘Stunted’. One to look out for is Stunt Scooter XT.

Re:creation 0118 973 6222

Building on the success of the Halo game series, Re:creation has unveiled its Halo range of die-cast collectables, which includes detailed scale versions of the vehicles and characters. The Halo set will feature a number of ground and flying vehicles. Each comes with two figures. The line will also feature a unique large-scale collectors Warthog vehicle.

Dinowaurs foil bags include a dinosaur figure, information cards and battle cards. Kids overlay the acetate battle cards and compare attributes such as stamina, aggression and defensive skills. There are 36 Dinowaurs to collect in Series 1.

The collectable Ickee Stickeez continue their invasion throughout the UK. Ickee Stickeez are squishy, squeezy, sticky characters. There are 24 to collect in single and three pack foil bags and six and 12 blister packs.

Finger Whips are flexible mini scooters. Using its knowledge of scooters from the Razor brand, Re:creation brought the mini scooters to life. A new Finger Whips range will launch this autumn with added features.

Rubie’s 08433 070707

2012 is ‘The Year of the Superhero’ at Rubie’s as the dress-up company unveils its new boys Marvel costume range, featuring Spider-man and The Avengers. This sits alongside Rubie’s superhero boys’ portfolio that includes child Superman, Batman and Robin costumes, as well boys’ costumes for The Dark Knight Rises.

Rubie’s Star Wars costumes have seen a surge in sales on the back of the release of Episode One - The Phantom Menace in 3D in February. Rubie’s has introduced new Darth Maul costumes to its expansive Star Wars range and the costume is set to join Darth Vader and Clone Trooper Rex costumes in the boys’ dress-up popularity stakes. 

Boys’ action is further strengthened by Rubie’s new Power Rangers Samurai range, which is supported by the latest Power Rangers Samurai programming currently on TV. 

The theme is set to expand with further line additions this year that will include Ben 10 classic and Ultimate Alien costumes, as well as new Lion-O and Tigra ThunderCats costumes, in the style of the newly re-launched Thundercats cartoon series. The new additions will be available from July 2012.

VTech 01235 555545

VTech started 2012 by entering into the pre-school vehicle market with the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos range. Targeted at boys aged three to eight, the new range merges dinosaurs and cars. The full 2012 range consists of seven collectable vehicles which easily change into different dinosaurs, as the Dinos get bigger in size the amount of stages to change increases. 

The Switch & Go Dinos have an LCD screen with changing character faces and eyes. As they are pushed along and played with they play sound effects of cars and dinosaurs. The push buttons activate dinosaur facts which are reinforced by the educational flash cards included with each Dino. 

Span the Spinosaurus has his own mini dino and transporter cage as well as wings that fire out supply disks as it flies.

The largest of VTech’s Switch & Go Dinos is Broc the Brachiosaurus. Broc has an amazing motorised neck which moves up and down. As a car carrier children can use Broc to carry the mini race car included, or the smaller Switch & Go Dinos.

The T-Rex, Pterandon, Spegosaurs and Triceratops are being TV advertised in February, April and May. In August– September all seven of the Dinos will be on TV including the Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus and Brachiosaurus.

Click Distribution 01604 877888

Click Distribution’s hero product lines include Panini’s London 2012 Olympics and UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championships trading card games, Adrenalyn XL and sticker collections for which Click is the exclusive distributor in the UK. 

Euro 2012 Adrenalyn XL is the official TCG of Euro 2012, featuring all the Euro National Teams and 305 cards. Look out for rainbow cards and holographic cards, as well as exclusive limited edition cards.

 Panini’s Euro 2012 Sticker Collection has 525 stickers to collect including holographic rainbow stickers. Included are stats, bios, match schedules and special stickers.
Click Distribution is the exclusive distributor for the London 2012 Adrenalyn XL Trading Card Game from Panini. The cards feature strength and speed ratings for immediate game play along with additional medal elements in order for children to play the board game.
 Click is also the exclusive distributor for the London 2012 Sticker Collection from Panini. The collection will feature Team GB, International and Paralympic athletes.

Innovation First 01925 454093

The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set is a transportable environment that enables a customisable design and layout within a Hexbug Nano Habitat Set. The Hive Habitat Set features an integrated centre ramp for multi-level Nano interaction and a floor spotted with attachment points that kids can build from. Each attachment point can be filled with a variety of new playground accessories including pegs, which act as bump points for the Hexbug, rotatable flags, which direct it toward ramps or other obstacles including merry-go-rounds and a seesaw. 

The Hexbug Scarab is a high-speed, mechanical, beetle-like bug that skitters around on six angled legs. The micro robotic creature propels itself forwards and backwards, and is capable of popping from its back to its feet if placed upside down. 

The Hexbug Larva is a robotic bug that slithers forward on smooth surfaces using a slow flexing motion. The Larva change direction when sensing an object.

Maps Toys 01483 776006

Maps’ Aeromax range includes the Deluxe NASA Spaceman costume, a white spacesuit, a Talking NASA Space Helmet, an Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster, a NASA Spaceship Ride-On, a Deluxe Firefighter costume, a Firepower Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack and an Aeromax 2000 Parachute.
The Marshmallow Fun Company has a range of blasters that fire edible bullets. The Classic Crossbow and Bow & Mallow can be loaded with marshmallows to fire up to 30 feet. The Classic Blaster is suitable for children aged 14 and up.

The Energy Stick from the Be Amazing collection is also new for 2012.

John Crane 01604 774949

The Pintoy Ride on Digger is a full size construction vehicle for active play and features a working digger scoop and four rubber wheels. The Pintoy Tower Castle has a draw-bridge and portcullis. 

Alternatively, there is the Mobile Crane. The yellow construction vehicle has a working crane hook and is part of the Pintoy construction series where it can be added to different vehicles. It joins the Digger, the Road Roller, the Dumper Truck, the Front End Loader and the Bulldozer.

Hornby 01843 233500

Corgi’s latest range offers a series of die-cast model aircraft suitable for children aged three and over. There is a over 15 models including biplanes, fighters, bombers and modern jets.

The Corgi Super Haulers range is for the same age group; the die-cast 1:64 scale toy trucks each have a detachable trailer and an authentic livery. 

The new My First Scalextric set is for the same age and features two cars. Products from Scalextric’s partnership with Star Wars include the Micro Scalextric Star Wars Death Star Attack and Scalextric Start Star Wars Battle of Endor sets.

Scalextric also offers rally action, with BMW Mini WRC and a Ford Fiesta RS WRC model. 

Hornby has launched model variants of the Brighton Belle.

Airfix starter sets contain four paints, glue and brush. The Supermarine Spitfire MkIa Starter Set has 36 parts and a scale of 1:72.

Meccano 01844 278888

Meccano unleashes its Gears of War 3 range in August 2012. The C.O.G Armadillo features three rotating gun turrets, a trap door, six wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with two figurines and three weapons.
The 120-piece C.O.G Centaur Tank has a hood-mounted 360-degree rotating turret with a mobile cannon, four real-working large wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with four two-inch figurines and four weapons.
The C.O.G King Raven is a transportation and assault helicopter for the C.O.G army. The helicopter features rotating propellers, two mobile doors and retractable landing gear. It is equipped with a machine gun for air attacks.

The COG army set comes with six figurines, Anya Stroud, Damon Baird, Marcus Fenix, two locusts Sniper and a locust drone, and eight weapons. Building instructions, tools and stickers are included. All sets come with building instructions, stickers and tools.

New to Meccano’s Turbo model vehicles is an entry-level collection of racing vehicles for children aged seven and up. Simple single model packs, take to the track with a speedy go-kart, or accelerate through the bends on the racing motorbike. 

Also launching this year is Meccano’s Turbo Evolution Red and Blue racing cars, each featuring ‘pull back and go’ racing technology. Race red versus blue for the ultimate grand prix experience. Fast and furious, Turbo Evolution models include streamlined stickers and tools and instructions for assembly. Suitable for children aged seven and up.

Tomy 020 8722 7300

Tomy’s pre-school boys line, Chuggington, has new characters in die-cast and wood as well as vehicles, track expansions and play-sets. Key items include the Action Chugger Carry Case, and two A/W TV lines, Portable Double Decker Roundhouse and Ice Cave Set. In the wooden range products include Double Decker Roundhouse and Over & Under Starter Set.

The Tomica range includes die-cast cars for the Hyper City Roads, battery-powered trains which run on Tomica’s iconic blue train tracks and large sets, like the Hyper City Rescue Fire Station.

K’Nex Classics celebrates a milestone with the 20th Anniversary Classic 50 Model Building Set. The set features 50 beach-themed building ideas. New additions to the Thrill Rides line are the Super Cyclone rollercoaster and Double Shot Roller Coaster.

The K’Nex Mario Kart Wii range welcomes Donkey Kong’s Beach Challenge Building Set, Mario Kart Building Sets and Bike Building Sets.

The Sonic Through Time three-inch action figures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow, Knuckles and Tails add to the existing Tomy Sonic range.

Tomy’s Pokémon line continues with new eight-inch plush being added along with key chain plush.

Bladez 02392 658255

The first SKU in the Star Wars Pump and Play inflatable range is R2-D2.

A child-friendly handset controls R2-D2, allowing the droid to move forward, back, left, and right, perform stunts and spin 360-degrees. The package comes with a handset, R/C drive unit and inflatable shell, which is interchangeable with the entire Pump and Play range. The design features an inflatable durable body shell standing over 65cm in height. To assist with the inflation and deflation of the body, a foot pump is included.

Further characters will follow – Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Yoda.

Bladez has developed a new rotor structure for its R/C helicopter range. The new design allows the G-Bladez Gyro helicopters to fly upside-down with a flick of a switch. The range also includes helicopters with video cameras. The G-Bladez Gyro Winch helicopter can be flown in all directions using an RC electric winch attached to the bottom, which can carry up to 10g grams.

Wow Toys 020 7471 0980

Wow’s spring line this year includes Ryan’s Road Trip, a camping adventure friction powered car and trailer with a magnetic hook. The five-piece set comes with a removable tent, campfire and two campers with a dog.

New to Wow’s Emergency Range is Fire Rescue Rory – a motorised friction trigger-powered helicopter with engine sounds. A magnetic stretcher carries the injured patient and with a turn of the search light, drops the passenger to safety. 

Farm Buddy Benny is a farm quad buggy that rocks along as it drives and comes with a removable farm boy and sheep dog.

Wow Toys is designed for pre-school children aged from 18 months. They all mix and match to create miniature worlds of vehicles, animals and people.

H Grossman 0141 613 2525

Deadstone Valley is all about creating corpses and burying them on an interactive website.

Kids collect different characters in coffins and then log on to the interactive website which allows them to create their own characters and tombstones before burying the corpses with their own epitaph. 

There are thousands of unburied bodies to find using the codes from the Deadstone Valley collectable packs. There were over 100,000 burials in the first year alone.

Gory? Maybe – but market research shows that kids enjoy it. The range launches with a collection of 12 characters, which will be extended through the year.
This year, Monsta Fizz and Dino Magic fizz pods are joined by Moshi Monsters Fizz pods.

Megasaurs are lifelike dinosaur toys which vary in size with the T-Rex standing over a foot high. Each Megasaur will include facts on the individual dinosaur.

Schleich 01279 870000

New in Historical Heroes is the Samurai and from September, the Samurai will be joined by more warriors from history. The wild Viking wears a traditional horned helmet and defends itself with an axe, while the Egyptian has a sharpened spear. 

Also new for September is the Battle Rhinoceros. Complete with armour, chariot and a gladiator rider.
In May and September the imaginary world of Bayala will also grow with the addition of two new dragon riders.
Finally, Schleich’s Dinosaurs are being refreshed this year, with remodelled carnivorous dinosaurs that have a new feature of a moveable lower jaw. In May, Dinosaurs such as the Allosaurus and Triceratops will be re-launched alongside other figures, including the Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus.

Boy’s attack, as Schleich refers to in this part of the portfolio, is a major part of the ongoing development for the company and comes with a high level of marketing support and full PR campaign designed to appeal to the core market.

Esdevium 01420 593593

Esdevium Games is the exclusive Pokemon TCG supplier to the UK and has many boys lines.

Bungees, the latest collectable line from Magic Box, features magnetic figurines with flick-to-stick game play.
Magic Box also released Gogo’s Edge last month, a limited edition mini-series of 60 new Gogo’s figurines.
Esdevium is offering Tomy Gacha in 2012. Items feature; clip-ons, danglers, buildable figures and pull-back vehicles. There is a range of boys licences including Nintendo, Cars, Transformers, Toy Story, Marvel and more.

Spin Master’s new TCG, Redakai, is available this month. Esdevium is partnering the firm in the distribution of the game to the hobby and specialist toy trade. Players stack 3Dcards in order to change stats, attack or transform.
Other lines includes Yu Gi Oh; Moshi Monsters TCG; Match Attax; Star Wars Fighter Pods; Halo minifigures and more.

Asobi 01628 200077

Asobi is distributing a range of children’s vintage cars, which were created in France. Each model has been crafted with hours of work and attention to quality and detailing meaning every item from the Baghera collection of retro pedal cars should impress adults as well as children.

The range includes ride-ons for ages one to three and pedal cars for ages three to five. From the classic models to the speedsters, the complete collection has something to appeal to different customers. Examples include a racing car and a shiny red fire-truck.

Great Gizmos 01293 543 221

In Great Gizmos’ 4M collection, high speed vehicles can be constructed with the Electric Dragster which uses recycled CD wheels and an electric motor to zoom across any surface, while the Rocket Race Car experiments with Newton’s Law of Motions and will turn a plastic bottle into a race car which can blast up to 30 metres.

The Science Museum collection boasts a selection of projects that explore the world of science and technology, and is supported by the company with POS materials as well as a PR campaign.

The Buzz Wire kit was made to test skill levels with the use of a simple wire circuit that once constructed will emit a shocking sound when touched. There is also the Top Secret Intruder Alarm, which can be fitted to any door in order to detect intruders.

Creative Toys Company 0208 664 3484

Creative Toys Company is launching SoccerStarz – the spiritual successor to Corinthian’s Microstars football figurines. Corinthian sold 180 million units of these since 1996.

Creative has licences for a range of teams including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Tottenham and Manchester City, with further teams to be added post-launch. Great attention has been paid by Creative to the player likeness, to ensure players are instantly recognisable.

Blind bags will contain one figure for £1.99, while one figure blister pack will cost around £2.99.

Creative will also simultaneously launch a licensed football version of Basic Concepts’ Slingers featuring football specific gameplay. Slingers will be sold in Starter Packs and Gift Boxes, and the medallions featuring top footballers will be available in blind sachets, with a separate Collector Book for children to keep them in.

Character Options 0161 633 9800

Deadly 60 is joining Character Building this spring, followed by the FA, Sports Stars and Ben 10 in autumn.
The FA construction range consists of key squad members from the England team and the Character Building Wembley Stadium. August will see the launch of Character Building Sports Stars. 

The Deadly 60 Character Building line launched in spring and features 15 micro figures and construction play-sets.
Ben 10 and Football Collections will provide greater depth to the Character Building portfolio. 

Character’s links with WowWee sees the launch of AppGear; a line of apps that interact with toys. Using Augmented Reality, each game comes with a toy or accessory that works with the smart device to unlock the multi-platform game within. The first titles include Zombie Burbs and Foam Fighters, swiftly followed by Alien Jail Break and Elite CommandAR.

HM Armed Forces also has new items. The Crawling Infantry Man and the Character Building Army Guardsman will launch in time for the Diamond Jubilee.

HTI 01253 778888

New JCB lines include a TV advertised Multi Construct Mighty Lift Crane, which will be on air in October. Using the drill provided, kids can make the vehicle and then take it apart and rebuild it. 

HTI is also launching a new product segment to the JCB range for autumn/winter – Connecting World – comprising three play-sets which can click and connect together into a variety of layouts. Sets include Construction Site, Recycling Plant and Bridge Building. 

New additions to the JCB DIY role-play toys include a durable tool case with battery operated drill and screwdriver with drill bit, flat head and cross head accessories. New JCB outdoor lines include a Quad Bike and a Digger Ride-On with Trailer.

New for boys in autumn/winter is the Teamsterz Thunderdome Track Set and a new Teamsterz Dragon Track Set. 

New to the EVO line is the Flame Thrower Scooter with engine sounds and flame effects; a durable skate helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Le Toy Van 020 8979 2036

Sentry Box with Budkin Guard is a painted wooden play-set, it includes the James the Royal Guard character from the diverse range of Budkins figurines. The product comes packaged in a window display box.

The Royal Guard character is fully poseable and is dressed in a fabric outfit; including a tactile faux bearskin cap, along with a rifle accessory.

Expected to retail at around £12.50, the Sentry Box with Guard joins other London centric Le Toy Van products, including the London Bus, the London Car Set and other Budkins such as the Heart of London triple set.

All Le Toy Van painted wooden toys are designed in the UK and manufactured in Indonesia using responsibly sourced materials.

Brookite 01837 53315

Brookite has Amazing Spider-Man merchandise to coincide with the release of the summer movie, all bearing the Spider-Man logo. The range includes Stomp Rockets, Foam Planes, Boomerangs and Kite,s as well as some other flying toys, starting from under £1. 

The Windthings collection of windsocks, twisters, hot air balloons, mobiles and pinwheels has also been updated. A huge Shark windsock is added to the range along with a selection of new designs. The Union Jack Hot Air Balloon and Windsock will be out in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Brookite has over 50 new lines, including Bugz Kites featuring a Spider, Snail, Ladybird and Bee and also the Safari Animals – Lion, Elephant, Tiger and Giraffe. The firm has also launched new trade website enabling customers to place orders directly from the website, check stock availability, delivery times and see details of any special offers that the firm is running.

Revell 01442 890285

Revell's easykit series uses a Check, snap, play system which was created to encourage children into modeling.
The model parts come painted true to the original in a range of designs and they only need to be snapped together, without gluing.

Star Wars easykits and easykit pockets will be available from October. The easykit line-up includes the Sith Infiltrator, Anakin’s Podracer, TIE Fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer and Slave I, the personal starship of bounty hunter Boba Fett.

TIE Fighter easykit pocket has approximately 21 parts. The Twin Ion Engine Fighter used by the Imperial Troops is one of the most frequently used starfighters and is seen quite often in the Star Wars films. The construction of the TIE is relatively simple: the standard cockpit is connected by supports to the hexagonal solar-powered wings, which supply the fighter with energy and charge an auxiliary power cell.

Marbel 01208 873123

Brio Builder is a wooden construction system. Children can build sturdy models by following the instruction manual – or any other model they are able to create.
Every set comes with a child size tool to help with the construction. There are eight models: Fire Truck, Steam Train, Helicopter, Airplane, Motorcyle and Deluxe Builder set. Each of them can be built to a secondary model, which can be found on the upcoming web site, 

The new packaging comes with a clever sizing system, where the size of the product corresponds to both difficulty and price level. The Brio Builder range is targeted at kids aged five and over and encourages
problem solving and develops fine motor skills.

There are eight collectable Hape Mini Vehicles: Hot Rod,Twin Turbo, Racer, Monster Truck, Beach Buggy, Roadster, Trailblazer, Low Rider. The design mixes vibrant colours, stylish shapes and funky graphics. The vehicles retail for around £4.99.

Underground Toys 020 7801 6325

Underground Toys has applied its expertise to a new Sonic the Hedgehog talking plush range, which brings some of the most iconic video game characters to life in plush form, with sound effects.

Sonic and Tails will be available as both four-inch clip-ons with sound and nine-inch plush with sound. Sound effects include the ‘ka-ching’ sound of gold coins being collected, ‘Chaos Emerald’, ‘Jump’, ‘Ring’, ‘Save Point’ and ‘Spring’.
Underground Toys’ licence with Sega doesn’t stop at plush with sound.

Also included within the range are iPhone Cases. There are four iPhone case styles available in the first wave of designs, including Sonic, Tails and Amy Rose. Money Banks are also available to be released in 2013.

InspirationWorks 01925 454093

InspirationWorks is launching a new pre-school tablet range with licences including Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, National Geographic Space Tablet and DC comics.

The Fireman Sam Tablet teaches children colours and features theme tunes from the well-loved TV series and all the main character voices.

The touch sensitive Bob the Builder Fun and Learn Tablet allows kids to help Bob with his work and the DC Superfriends’ Superhero Power Tablet has six game modes. The sleek National Geographic Kids Tablet provides an introduction to space for young children. Age appropriate information helps children learn about planets, stars, meteorites and space exploration. 

A valuable addition to its pre-school product offering, InspirationWorks has a range of Mike the Knight electronic learning products launching in autumn/winter.

Mike the Knight’s Smart Shield is a backlit laptop with four game modes, including a quiz, time to learn and music and sounds. Mike the Knight’s Knightly Alphabet Book helps boys learn phonics and letters.

Six pages illustrate the 26 letters of the alphabet and there are six games for children to choose from. Both products will be supported by TV advertising later in the year with an RRP of £19.99.

InspirationWorks is also launching the DC Superfriends’ Superheroes Phone. Pressing the call key will allow users to talk directly to their favourite Superhero.

John Adams 01480 414 361

John Adams introduces some bounce into its boys’ collectables portfolio with the addition of Ballzoons – wackable, bounceable, squishable, kickable toys which can be filled with water and aimed at kids aged four years and over.

A cross between a ball and a balloon, Ballzoons come in two different sizes, huge (23cm) and mega (46cm) – and will retail at around £7.99 and £14.99 respectively. The 23cm Ballzoons inflate to 800 per cent of their original size and come in a variety of ‘styles’ including Battered Tennis Ball, Funky Basketball and Startled Soccer Ball.

46cm versions expand even further to 2,500 per cent of their original size and come in Bashful Beachball style. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the range will be supported by TV advertising in spring.

Drumond Park 01473 322000

Foooz, for ages six to adult, is a new table football game from Drumond Park. The concept is similar to the table football game of Foosball, but without the need for masses of space. Players control footballers by gripping the figure’s arms and flicking the player in their hands.

They can also make it tougher by hanging the target card from the goal.

As well as match play, Foooz provides the opportunity for players to pitch their footie abilities against each other. The sets contain a number of randomly-packed trick or competition cards, which enable players to test skills. The kit’s novel ‘click-on’ boot allows them to incorporate ‘tekker’ moves. The boot is attached to the lower half of the body - and chipping over defensive walls, keepy-uppies and top corner goals become a feature of the gameplay.

The Foooz range includes the introductory training ground Starter Set, the Challenge Set and the Pro Match
Set, and launches next month.

Worlds Apart 0800 389 591

Spider-Man swings into action this summer as Worlds Apart continues to build on its ReadyBed, Pop Up and Go Glow ranges for autumn/winter.

Coinciding with the upcoming launch of The Amazing Spider-Man, Worlds Apart is introducing a Spider-Man Go Glow Pal, Junior ReadyBed and Pop Up Feature Tent.

A new addition to Worlds Apart’s Go Glow range is the Spiderman Go Glow Pal. Sporting light up eyes that keep shining for 15 minutes and new sucker pads so it can be stuck to a head board. 

In the Junior ReadyBed range, the new Rest and Relax Spider-Man Junior Readybed, with its bright and bold design, is an all-in-one package including inflatable mattress, simple to use pump, removable washable cover and handy carry case.

With year round appeal, the Spider-Man Feature Tent features detailed city design for boys to hideaway in. Aimed at boys three and up, the tent is designed to be easily folded down and stored away after play time.

Kiddimoto 01749 871 175

Ben ‘Elbowz’ Spies – an American superbike champion famous for his elbows-out riding style – has inspired a new range from Kiddimoto.

The products include a Kiddimoto Helmet, Kurve Icon and Kiddimoto Hero replica balance bikes based upon the Elbowz Elite Racing livery, that bear Ben’s racing number 11, the team’s logo and Spies' signature.

Boasting a three-point adjustable seat height, child-safe paints and real pneumatic tyres, Kurve is made of Birch plywood. The Kurve is aimed at three to six year olds.
Also new is the matching Ben Spies Elbowz helmet.

Based on a BMX-style shell, it has an 11-point ventilation system, three shell sizes, and an adjustable strap, and meets CE bicycle helmet standards, bringing safety and style together.

Playmobil 01268 548111

Fi?ures, has expanded with Series 2 - a range of characters for boys and girls. The latest boys’ series includes 12 collectable characters with a mix of classic, fantasy and sporting figures. Fi?ures are centred on three features: assembly, collectability and interchanging components.

Playmobil also has a new range of six motorbikes. Every bike comes with a bike-ready character complete with helmet and outfit. Sized for play on the move or at home, the bikes have a chrome effect and detailed design.

circa circa 01273 298414

Circa Circa’s new edition of About Time is a picture card version of the history quiz game. The Junior Discovery picture card edition is suitable for eight to 12 year-olds. The 52-card pack can be played as a standalone guess the year game, or bundled with the Friends and Family Edition of About Time.

About Time teaches children about chronology through its unique guess the year mechanism and the broad range of modern and history content. 

Teachers have been using the game in the classroom as a way to enliven history lessons for some time, and have fed back to the publishers how well this works. With Junior Discovery, this educational benefit is now open to younger players too. 

The Junior Discovery Picture Card Pack is a way of bringing eight to 12 year-olds into a new love of history.

Little Tikes 01908 268 480

Currently available in Little Tikes new Big Adventures play-sets is Side by Side Racing, Fire station and the Construction Peak Rail and Road, with an Action Air Show set joining the range later in the year. Each has large, durable, easy-to-grip vehicles.

The Big Adventures Side by Side Racing offers classic ramp and vehicle play with three levels of stunt racing, car launch levers and checked flags. 

The double-sided Big Adventures Fire Station has a ‘burning’ building on one side, the fire engine can be taken up in the lift before speeding to the emergency through the flip doors and down the spiral ramps.

Based on Little Tikes’ classic Peak Road & Rail toy, the Big Adventures Construction Peak Rail & Road set lets kids take control of a quarry. Using the 360-degree spinning crane, kids can load rocks into trucks and trains with the three-way boulder auto-loader, or start an avalanche in Avalanche Valley.

A set of extra rescue vehicles can be purchased separately.

Thames and Kosmos 01883 730122

The extensive range of science and technology kits from Thames & Kosmos includes sets that help to engage boys in hands on activities that make science and learning fun. All products are linked to the National Curriculum and focus on different key stages.

The Little Labs range is suitable for children age five plus and offers and early introduction into the areas of physics, biology and chemistry.

Cars and Gears, Physics and Forces and Cranes and Pulleys for example, all give a great foundation for an interest in engineering by investigating levers and pulleys, understanding force and motion and making working models.

Mookie 01525 722 722

The Skill Academy brand is professional, smart and functional, offering products that will improve football skills both on and off the pitch. 

Skill Shot was created to aid the development of kids’ skills and understanding of the game. Its multi-rebound goal training centre consists of three nets that can be clipped together in various ways.

here is voice command capability that improves the accuracy of the strike as kids aim for the correct net as instructed. There are 20 different games and the set is aimed at kids aged six and up.

Under Control is a new football training game that allows players to control the pace of their practice.

Attached to an X-shaped base is a rotating arm with a football on the end, which can be adapted to different angles. The ball rotates to mimic real play for practising keepy-uppies, tricks and headers and ball control, muscle development, balance, shooting accuracy and passing.

Target Goal is a two in one pop-up goal. One side allows players to aim and shoot through the targets, while the other is a normal goal. It is aimed for children aged four and up.

Interplay 01628 488944

The award-winning Wild Science for Boys range is set to expand with the introduction of the Volcano Factory. Boys can construct lava bombs and mineral springs and create a volcanic island. This adds to the Weird Slime Laboratory. Boys can learn about energy blasters and super elastic collisions with the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory. 

All kits come with an instruction booklet supporting the National Curriculum Science KS2. 

The new Technokit Rivetz collection is another addition and boasts a selection of activities to build and explore the world of technology. The new kits use the patented Rivetz Gun to snap and fix pieces of the decorated pre-cut card together, in order to create giant models such as a Dragon, a Hornet or a red, black and white Racer.

Finally, the My Living World range explores the world of living creatures, including ants, worms and triops.



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