Science Museum launches new range

The Launchpad product line aims to engage kids and adults in scientific principles.
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The Science Museum has teamed up with Middlesex University to produce a range of products to coincide with the Launchpad Gallery, which is due to reopen November 24th.

The line up includes 12 mini-kits, which relate to the gallery’s themes of light, sound, energy transfer, electricity and magnetism, forces and motion, and materials.

Each kit retails under £5 and comes with instructions, information about the scientific principle it’s based on and experiments to try at home.

Available from the Launchpad Shop at the museum, the kits include: Impossible Putty, Miracle Beads, Seeing Heat, Atom Squasher, Instant Photos, Magic Mirror, Magnetic Sculpture, Seeing Sound, Watch Water Freeze, Cryptic Disk, Sound through your Head and Magic Magnets. 


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