Science Museum launches Christmas range

Museum reveals latest range of licensed and retail products at in-house preview.
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Highlights from the preview included the Anti Gravity Boots, Top Secret Spy Kits and Nano-Copter, all by manufacturer Wow! Stuff.

The Anti Gravity Boots create a sensation similar to running in slow motion. They are available in both children and adult sizes and will retail between £79.99 and £99.99.

There are seven products in the Top Secret range including binoculars, voice changers and detectors and prices start from £7.99.

The latest version of the Nano-Copter has ‘fold on impact’ rota blades, which are less likely to break on impact.

Richard North, managing director of Wow! Stuff told ToyNews he expects the Top Secret line to expand to at least 20, if not 25 products by next year.

“In terms of volume sales the Nano Copter would definitely be the hero product for Christmas; this product has taken everybody by storm.

“The wow factor product for Christmas will be the anti gravity boots. It’s not going to be a 30 000 piece sale for each retailer but it will be one that’s talked about,” North said.

“The range is all about getting kids active and outside but also relating it to science. So the kids are learning when they’re having fun”.

North also said that the Science Museum brand has increased it sales this year by 136 per cent.

“We’ve hit that middle ground where the brand’s values are trust and integrity”.


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