Science fans send LEGO versions of themselves into space

LEGO Minifigures reach edge of Earth’s atmosphere at 90,000ft above the planet
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Last week we reported how LEGO Minifigures were taking over Earth, and now they seem intent on branching out into space.

Teacher Jon Chippindall and his best friend Ian Cunningham helped the pint-sized plastic people make the move into space by sending LEGO versions of themselves out into the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, 90,000ft above the planet.

The science fans from Manchester spent £250 to send a balloon containing the figures and an HD camera to a height 90,000ft, but the straps on Mr Chippindall’s figure became loose, risking a scenario akin to a LEGO version of upcoming big-screen blockbuster Gravity.

But there was no need to panic as both figures landed safely on farmland near Chesterfield, 75 miles from the lift-off point in Mold, North Wales.

Check out a video of the event below:


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